Results of agrarian reforms should be reflected in the growth of people’s welfare and price stability

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July 31, 2018

Results of agrarian reforms should be reflected in the growth of people’s welfare and price stability

On July 31, a meeting on the issues of accelerating development of cotton plant, re-cropping, efficient use of household plot and export of agricultural products was held under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.
As it is known, at the meeting held on July 4, the “Impact two months of harvest accumulation” was announced from July 5 to September 5. Activities implemented over the past time were considered at the meeting.
It was noted that the lag in development of cotton plant was not eliminated, it still lags behind the normal indicators for 8-10, in some places – for 12-15 days. If 5-7 boxes were formed on one bush of cotton plant in the same period of the last year, today their number does not exceed 3-5.
The Head of the state, as the main reason for the situation, pointed out that in June-July, khokims, sector leaders, farmers at places neglected their responsibilities toward cotton growing under the pretext of harvesting grain and re-cropping. The work on cotton irrigation, row spacing and efficient water use was not organized at the proper level. The study showed that in most fields there are no cultivators, water workers and workers. The fact was criticized that in some districts cotton fields are in an ownerless state, cotton is experiencing a deficit of moisture, which leads to a loss of harvest.
According to the republican working groups, the work on cultivation of cotton rows absolutely does not meet the requirements. In a number of districts, as a result of involvement of tractors in other works, cultivation is carried out with delay, the rows between cotton dry up and covered with cracks. Due to the lack of conditions in the “machine operators’ houses”, the disorganization of work in detachments more than 45-50 percent of cultivators are not used.
Instruction was given to dismiss the leaders of all four sectors of Zarbdor, Guzar, Baghdad and Uychi districts from their positions.
The need was noted for timely and qualitative conduction of agrotechnical measures in cotton fields, watering cotton, processing row spacing, effective use of cultivators.