Results of reliable cooperation

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April 28, 2018

Results of reliable cooperation

More than 200 joint ventures specializing in various branches of economy are conducting their activity, in Fergana region. In recent years more than 10 such joint ventures have been commissioned together with Turkish business people. It is planned to realize a set of perspective projects in the free economic zone Kokand together with foreign partners.

Especially effective activity is being conducted by enterprises “Aylin tekstil” in Kokand, “Tuyona” in Margilan, “Faiz acro tex” in Rishtan district, established in cooperation with Turkish entrepreneurs.

Products of Uzbekistan – Turkey joint venture “Kushtepa ipak gilamlari” of Kushtepa district have their customers both in the domestic and foreign markets. At the enterprise that opened in 2016, large-scale construction and repair work was carried out for more than 1 billion 800 million soums and production of adras, satin, silk carpets was established.

Production of the enterprise with its unique design, brightness of colors and durability can charm even the most demanding customer. The demand in the world market for the production of silk carpets “Marmar”, “Zaytun”, “Kuyosh”, “Kungil ogochi”, “Yetti tog chechagi”, “Osmon gumbazi”. Products are exported to Turkey. This year, the enterprise has already produced products worth 350 million soums.

To date, cooperation on forestry development has also been established with Turkish specialists. In particular, Kokand State Forestry planted 56 species of fast-growing poplar cuttings, grown in Turkey. Work on laying walnut groves has started on 150 hectares of unused land. To this end, high-yielding walnut seedlings corresponding to our climate will be brought from Turkey.