Russian expert Arkady Dubnov proposes to attract Taliban to protect TAPI gas pipeline

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March 27, 2018

Russian expert Arkady Dubnov proposes to attract Taliban to protect TAPI gas pipeline

In an interview with UzA journalist Sayyora Shoyeva, an expert on Central Asia from Russia Arkady Dubnov told about the discussion in expert circles on effectiveness of the conference in Tashkent. He also suggested involvement of Taliban militants in protection of the gas pipeline that is being constructed from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to India.

Colleagues of Arkady Dubnov expressed the idea that the conference is conducted a bit early. To which Dubnov objected in the sense that one never can tell in advance when such actions can bring an effect. However, sooner or later, but some of them will certainly benefit. We all expected the arrival of representatives of the Taliban movement, but they did not come. It was quite natural, because it has many different directions. What is important is that the decisive force is still vague.

Everyone knows that Turkmenistan is laying the TAPI gas pipeline to India through Afghanistan. I believe that if representatives of the Taliban succeed in attracting the object under construction to the protection, it will be easier to reach an agreement between the negotiating parties. They will become more interested in preserving peace and maintaining it.

At present, relations in Afghanistan are related to the skill of Uzbekistan diplomats. If there is such a way of achieving mutual interests, I think that the conference will become productive and historic.