Samsung Electronics presents new Smart TV’s

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July 11, 2017

Samsung Electronics presents new Smart TV’s

One of the mediaparks of the capital held a presentation of new models of smart TV’s made in Uzbekistan by Samsung. In the course of it, representatives of the company demonstrated all the features of TV’s.

The presentation of the new models was preceded by a small concert program for the guests. During this time, the audience had an opportunity to see the appearance of presented products. The concert program was followed by the presentation made by representatives of Samsung Electronics, who talk about capabilities of “Smart TVs”.

– Today our company represents a new model of Smart TV – smart, modern and importantly, produced in Uzbekistan. We have launched Smart TVs here in June of this year. We work on the principle of “Inspire the world, create the future”. This vision became the basis of our commitment to achieveleadership in the field of innovative technologies. I hope that the results of our work will please our customers, – said Min Shin Woong, head of Samsung Electronics in Uzbekistan.

Speaking about new models, it is worth to say that Samsung SmartTV fascinates with its capabilities even the most discerning consumers. Flexibility for all apps is surprisingly easy. Controlling skills are based on the algorithm of use of the device, that is, every person who has ever used even the simplest smartphone, easily masters all technical capabilities of the new generation of TVs. Such a device in its communicative possibilities looks like a computer. Setting up special apps allows you to turn the TV into a kind of point of contact for social networking, information sharing and gaining access to a huge amount of information.