School of bravery, perseverance and courage

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December 28, 2017

School of bravery, perseverance and courage

In the “Dostlik [friendship]” stadium in the town of Kattaqorghon of Samarqand Region, a demonstrative event has been held on the slogan of “Our national army is a school of bravery, perseverance and courage”.

This event was conducted by the command of the central military district in partnership with the hokimiyat (governorate) of Samarqand Region, the regional council of the Uzbekistan youth union and some other establishments.

The event was attended by nearly 5 thousand young people and students of secondary special education and vocational training establishments and general education schools in the town of Kattaqorghon.

Q.Ochilov, the deputy commander of the central military district troops; and B.Ahmedov, the deputy mayor of the town of Kattaqorghon; told young people about the national army’s current potential to ensure peace in the country and the inviolability of its borders.

Military hardware and weapons were displayed, and military servicemen’s demonstrative performances were arranged on the slogan of “the army and young people”. The festival also included a concert programme by a military orchestra and amateur artistic groups.

“I am a student of the Kattaqorghon medical college in the nursing profession. Military servicemen’s demonstrative performances at today’s event and display of military hardware increased my interest in the military profession. In future, I want to become a military serviceperson and to serve and contribute to the defence of the Motherland,” says Nigora Kurbonboyeva.