Schools: Facts and Figures

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September 12, 2016

Schools: Facts and Figures


The new 2016/2017 academic year has started in the country. How does the system of school education look like today in terms of facts and figures? We received an answer from the Ministry of Public Education.

*A total of 9692 general secondary schools opened their doors to children in this country; they train 4.7 million pupils. 640 thousand first grade schoolchildren were enrolled to school this year.

*371 schools were renovated for the beginning of the new school year within the framework of the State investment program. New blocks were built for 29 establishments, 239 buildings were reconstructed, and overhaul was carried out at 103 buildings. 400 billon soums were channeled from the State budget for these purposes. 217 general educational schools, which previously did not have their own gyms, received new ones built in compliance with modern designs.

*Activities were continued on consolidation of educational institutions’ material and technical base. 1220 new computer classes were opened for the beginning of the new academic year, now their total number reached 12956. 91,1% of general educational schools today have the latest generation computers. Fitting out educational institutions with electronic boards has turned into a new trend; 39.4% of schools have them now.

*Some 7,000 graduates of pedagogical higher educational institutions have received jobs this year at schools.

*Foreign languages have been included this year into the curricular of the fourth grade schoolchildren for the first time. New textbooks were written and printed out to meet the new training requirements – overall schoolchildren received 1,120 thousand of them; and 21 thousand methodological manuals were published for teachers. Just to remind, four years ago the country had adopted normative documents according to which the primary school had taken the road to stage-by-stage transition to the study of foreign languages. Therefore, the calendars of all grades of primary school activities for the 2016/2017 school year have classes in foreign languages.

*New textbooks and educational-methodical recommendations of 148 names for teachers, with an overall circulation of more than 26, 1 million were printed and distributed among schools by the beginning of the school year. There are reprinted and new ones among the books, in the preparation of which had been taken take into account all the comments made by practicing teachers.

*Beginning with this year Multimedia applications will start to be applied. They were elaborated for the third grade pupils in such disciplines as “Mother tongue”, “Reading”, “Mathematics”, “Natural study”, “The Uzbek Language”, “The Russian Language”, and “Chrestomathy”. Multimedia applications have been elaborated and distributed among first and second grade pupils during the previous two years. It was planned to publish applications for the fourth grade pupils next year.

*Eighteen schools will continue experimental testing of advanced training programs and plans. Emphasis is placed on the active introduction of technologies and development of school children’s skills in practical application of training material.