Senate passes amnesty resolution

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November 21, 2014

Senate passes amnesty resolution

senate_passesThe Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution on 14 November on the amnesty in connection with the 22th anniversary of Constitution of the country.

(1) In accordance with the document, the following categories of the convicted will be amnestied (exceptions apply):

а) Women;

b) Persons aged below 18 at the moment of committing the crime;

c) Men older than 60;

d) Foreign citizens.

e) The first and second group disabled (except those who committed intentional murder with aggravating circumstances), persons who had been acknowledged (not more than one year prior to this resolution) to be having severe diseases disallowing serving the sentence.

(2) The amnesty also applies to persons who had committed crime due to carelessness, as well as those convicted for the first time for the crimes that do not pose large threat or less severe crimes.

(3) Persons (except those who committed intentional murder with aggravating circumstances) whose remaining sentence terms do not exceed two and a half years will also be exempted from punishment.

(4) The persons who had been convicted for the first time for participation in the banned organizations, committing crimes against peace and security or public security as their members, but who have stepped on the path of improvement, will be amnestied, too.

(5) All cases on crimes committed by persons listed in clauses (1) and (2) above will be stopped.

The resolution on amnesty does not apply to persons who had been convicted for long-term or life imprisonment terms; those who had been acknowledged as especially dangerous recidivists; those who had committed crime as part of criminal group; those who systematically violate the sentence serving order; as well as those whose death penalty was changed as pardon to the imprisonment.

The Senate entrusted corresponding committees and commissions to ensure direct participation of the deputies in the implementation of the public control and openness of the amnesty procedures.

The resolution enters into force on the date of publication and should be implemented within three months.