Shavkat Mirziyoyev: Export is the most important, priority area of Uzbekistan’s foreign economic policy

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November 1, 2018

Shavkat Mirziyoyev: Export is the most important, priority area of Uzbekistan’s foreign economic policy

One of the current issues for agricultural complex is procurement and export of fruits and vegetables. However, at the meeting on issues of integrated development of agriculture it was noted that due to lack of well-coordinated work of the Ministry of Agriculture, Uzbekoziqovqatholding company and regional leaders, the 100% fulfillment of the export forecast is under threat.
The task has been set to ensure for the remaining two months of the current year the full implementation of the export forecast for each region with daily monitoring this process. Instructions were given on planting vegetable crops for export next year.
Uzbekistan’s climate makes it possible to grow early maturing products, the demand for which abroad grows in spring. It was noted that this possibility is not used effectively.
At the meeting, relevant ministries and organizations were given instructions on expanding the export of agricultural products to Russia, China, South Korea, India, Japan and other countries.
I repeat, export is the most important, priority direction of foreign economic policy of our state. Each ministry and agency should promote the development of exports, the President noted.
Activities of newly formed associations were also considered at the meeting. Their lack of desire for innovation and passivity in general was criticized.
The need for attracting foreign investment in agriculture, especially direct investment, was noted.
Urgent tasks for effective use of land and water resources, development of seed production, improvement of the delivery system of mineral fertilizers, renewal of the agricultural machinery park, development of processing industry, and other areas were identified.