Showroom of Uzbekistan national products in Tokyo

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March 22, 2018

Showroom of Uzbekistan national products in Tokyo

By mid-2018, it is planned to open a trading house in Tokyo with organization of a permanent showroom. After the completion of the registration stage, trial supplies of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products, including dried fruits and cherries, as well as mung will be organized to the trading house. This was reported by the Ministry for Foreign Trade.

Agreement on establishment of a trading house in Japan was reached within the framework of the recent official visit of delegation of Uzbekistan to Tokyo to the Investment Forum on “New trends in economic reforms in Uzbekistan”. The forum was attended by more than 140 representatives of state structures and departments, banks, corporations, scientific research centers, universities, as well as the Japanese mass media. Participants discussed preliminary results and prospective opportunities of reforms that are being carried out in Uzbekistan, noted a significant improvement of the investment climate in the country and increasing the attractiveness of its economy for foreign investors.

Within the framework of agreements between UzTrade and Meiko Corporations on opening of Uzbekistan trading house in Tokyo, it is planned to expose samples of products of Uzbekistan’s producers in a wide range for further realization in this region.