Small business and private entrepreneurship 

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January 27, 2016

Small business and private entrepreneurship 


Implemented comprehensive measures to further improve the business environment, ensure reliable protection of small business and private entrepreneurship, remove barriers to their full support and accelerated development in the country, contributed to the creation of 26.9 thousand new small businesses (excluding farms) in 2015.

As a result, the number of active entities of small business and private entrepreneurship exceeded 207,1 thousand and increased over the year by 5,7 percent in January 1, 2016.

The share of small and private businesses in key sectors of the economy has increased in recent years. Thus, for example, the sector share in the total volume of industrial production rose from 34,8 to 38,9 percent in last year compared to 2014, from 86,3 to 87,1 percent in retail trade, from 51,5 to 55,7 percent in service sector, from 85.6 to 88 percent in passenger transportation.

Entities of small business and entrepreneurship invested to the economy about 14,8 trillion soums in January-December 2015, which is 36,3 percent of the total volume of investments in the country. Also during this period, small businesses and private entrepreneurship conducted construction works worth more than 17 trillion soums, which is 67,2 percent of the total volume of construction work and 14,4 percent more than in 2014.