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February 27, 2017


15fed68f5691ce088968c032815427f8Interbank Payment System UZCARD intends to develop a system of goods and services payment via QR-code.

As reported by specialists of the Unified National Processing Center, the innovation can already be tested in trade and service enterprises that have introduced the QR-code payment mechanism.

QR-code is a black and white image of a square with inconsistent figures of rectangles and squares inside. The small squares can be found on the labels of goods, utility payment receipts, or on web pages. This is a two-dimensional bar code to encode visual information, which is increasingly used in various fields.

QR-code images can facilitate the process of choosing a product or service, because a small square on the package or promotional poster may contain up to 4,296 characters that provide the information that is inconvenient or expensive to place in text form. They optimize the communication process too. For example, the icon on the business card often encrypts a phone number, which can be added to the contact list just by click. QR-code also helps to follow a link, send an e-mail, SMS, find a location, and much more.

The idea of the QR-project in Uzbekistan comes to binding a bank payment card to the app on a smartphone, and then using the application for payments in stores. This payment method is more convenient for sellers and customers rather than the usual plastic card.

For example, a seller does not need a trading terminal for receiving cards. And the customer will have the opportunity to give up the purse with cards, and replace it with the smartphone. The innovation would also increase the level of security of card data: there is no need to pass the card to the seller or register it in websites. The use of QR-codes in everyday life opens up new opportunities, creating another link between the virtual world and reality.