Soul particles in the patterns

soul_particlesIn Memorial Park, Museum of Kamoliddin Behzod hosted personal exhibition Nafisa Gilmanova.

N.Gilmanova – not only a talented artist, who made two solo exhibitions, the participant of more than 70 national and international exhibitions, the author of the works are in museums and collections in Uzbekistan, Canada, Germany, Russia and other countries, but also an educator with 28 years of experience, has trained a lot of highly qualified architects and designers. Field research assistant professor of “Drawing, Painting and Sculpture” the Tashkent Architecture and Construction Institute – the latest study of the actual creative methods of fine art, design and architecture in our country and abroad, the introduction of innovative methods and technologies in the educational process.

The current exhibition of N.Gilmanova anniversary, and it is for the artist’s debriefing, the origin of the next creative period. Her works surprise and delight and composite colors, beautiful discoveries and details. They felt an impulse to the development, the desire to create something new, to have their say in the fine arts.

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