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February 27, 2017



The Republican Scientific and Practical Center for the Development of Innovative Methods in Teaching Foreign Languages at the Uzbek State University of World Languages, has hosted several events devoted to the topical issues in the advancement of foreign language teaching in Uzbekistan. Read more in the review of our correspondents.

One of them was a meeting with a delegation from the Higher School of Pedagogy and Education at the Academy of Versailles (France).

“As a result of the attention allocated on the youth of Uzbekistan, they successfully learn several foreign languages, including French,” the expert of the Versailles Academy Pascal Boisson says. “This meeting was a good opportunity to exchange views and experiences with colleagues, acquaintance new methods of teaching and discussion of issues related to the teaching of the French language.”

The sides shared views on micro-teaching containing a demonstration of video-based lesson with modern information and communication technologies, structural analysis of teaching methods, as well as evaluation criterion, analysis of video presentations and designing the final project.

During the meeting there were discussed issues related to further advancement of the learning system of French language in our country, widespread of innovative techniques in the field of foreign language teaching. Sides agreed to jointly develop modules for trainees of advanced training of teachers and translators of foreign languages.

The next day in the same center there was conducted a training seminar in the framework of EnSPIRE-U project («Reforms in the English teaching system for special purposes”). Training seminar was devoted to the improvement of data processing skills obtained from the universities of Uzbekistan, their study and analysis of the training process, the elaboration of proposals on reforming the system of foreign languages teaching, as well as the study of the relevant international experience.

The Republican Scientific and Practical Center for the Development of Innovative Methods on Teaching of Foreign Languages conducted the monitoring of training sessions, opinions of teachers, heads of departments, studying resources library of each institution. On the basis of this study there are analyzed sample programs, schedules, information about the university. One of the notable aspects is that EnSPIRE-U project gave good results and has become a model for the reform of the training system of foreign language teachers.

The international expert in the field of English language teaching Richard West (United Kingdom) said that the meeting provided an opportunity to exchange experiences on the modernization and betterment of the curriculum of higher education institutions for ensuring the meeting of education quality to international standards.

The conference dedicated to the teaching of English language in high education institutions was also full of content. Along with the Center, the US Embassy in our country, as well as the editorial of the web portal and electronic journal “Foreign languages in Uzbekistan” have become organizers of the event.

“We highly assess the capabilities of Uzbekistan in education, energy, technology, architecture and other fields,” said the representative of the US Embassy in Uzbekistan Leslie Vigouroux. “Therefore we are confident that the attached significance to learning English in your country serves for further strengthening the cooperation between our two nations. Together with the Embassy there were created many textbooks and programs. Professors from the United States are teaching in higher education institutions in this country. Today’s conference was an excellent platform to exchange views on the prospects on the advancement of foreign language teaching system in Uzbekistan.”

At the international conference there were also discussed such issues as the creation of new textbooks and English language programs, the development of language skills, intercultural dialogue, language teaching especially for young people with disabilities, the role of ICT in learning English. Proposals and recommendations for the advancement of foreign language learning systems were elaborated.