“Sport in Uzbekistan – important and powerful factor in upbringing harmoniously developed generation”

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March 1, 2016

“Sport in Uzbekistan – important and powerful factor in upbringing harmoniously developed generation”

sport_uzbekComplex measures implemented in Uzbekistan on the development of children’s sport and education of physically and spiritually healthy generation, arouse interest among the scientific community of India.

So, professor of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Wines Kalra appreciates the work undertaken by the government of Uzbekistan to inculcate the younger generation active lifestyle:

– This is a very correct and far-sighted approach, indicating the strong commitment of the State to socio-medical and educational and pedagogical support of the younger generation.

Undoubtedly, hundreds of modern sports and recreation centers for boys and girls, equipped with the necessary modern appliances allow regularly engage in sports at amateur and professional levels. This, in turn, contributes to the unconditional strengthening of their health, and hence strengthening the gene pool of the nation.

As specialist in the sphere of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of teenagers, I was very impressed with the fact that today, thanks to the conditions established in the country, the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections decreased by 47.3%, pneumonia – 55.6%, bronchitis – 61.7%, scoliosis – 45.5%.

In addition, exercise temper, not only physically but also morally educate people in such important traits as dedication, perseverance, team spirit and, of course, patriotism.

On the basis of specific indicators of results of measures taken in this field, we can state with confidence that in Uzbekistan people are deeply aware of the significance of sport as an important and strong factor in the education of harmoniously developed generation. I am sure that the work in this direction certainly gives more positive results.