Strong family is the basis of a strong society and state

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April 28, 2018

Strong family is the basis of a strong society and state

Uzbekistan remains the only country in the post-Soviet space that, despite the difficult transition period, despite the limited funds, has raised the concern for strengthening the family, women, creating all the necessary conditions for healthy and happy motherhood and childhood as a state policy.

State programs, successfully implemented in recent years in the country, are aimed at this. Special attention of the President of the country Shavkat Mirziyoyev is paid to the issues of increasing the role of the family in the development of society. This idea sounds almost in all the speeches of the head of our state, where the urgent task is “to strengthen the foundations of the family, to create a calm, friendly and supportive atmosphere, to fill the content of spiritual and educational work with concrete content.”

Today, at the state level, there is an understanding that the welfare of the state directly depends on the stability of the family. In connection with this, it is noted that the light-weight attitude towards marriage and the prevention of family disintegration are inadmissible.

According to statistics, divorces in the republic make up 0.9 percent of the total number of marriages. During the period from 1991 to 2017, 600 thousand marriages were terminated in the republic. Behind many of them there are broken fates, abandoned children, incomplete families. Therefore, the problem of divorce is socially significant.

In the modern conditions of globalization, we must not forget about the true, fundamental values ​​that form the basis of any state and society. It is in the family that the younger generation receives spiritual and moral upbringing, learns to be responsible and not indifferent. It becomes obvious that the initiative of the President reflected in the Decree of February 2, 2018 “On Measures for the Basic Improvement of Activities in Support of Women and the Strengthening of the Institute of the Family”, according to which it was decided to organize the Scientific and Practical Research Center “Oila” (Family) at the Cabinet of Ministers. Thus, for the first time in the republic, a research structure has been established in the government with territorial units responsible for the scientific organization of working with families, enforcing the requirements of legislation to strengthen the family institution and introducing the most advanced and effective methods of working with families on the ground.

The center is tasked with organizing a multifaceted research activity jointly with the scientific community of the republic on all aspects of the family and marriage, developing models of the modern model family on the basis of advanced foreign experience and the national historical heritage and its further propaganda among the youth.

The Center is to implement large-scale measures to develop effective methods of working with disadvantaged families and prepare young people for marriage, analyze problems in family relations and prevent them, and create optimal conditions for the functioning of an integrated system to support, protect and further strengthen the family institution in Uzbekistan.

A significant help in solving these problems will be the organization of specialized courses on retraining and advanced training of personnel in all regions of the republic at the Oila Center. The courses are aimed at training specialists such as practical psychologists, family experts and a number of other specially trained personnel for complex areas of work, such as preparing for marriage, teaching young people the basics of family life. The issue of educating children in the spirit of traditional family values ​​is especially relevant.

Increased attention to the health of girls and women of childbearing age. For this purpose, for the first time, the mechanism of interaction between the Oila Center and the Ministry of Health is being created to organize an effective system of medical care for the population, including those related to reproductive health and targeted care. Multidimensional preventive work on improving children, preparing girls for marriage, medical examination of girls and women of fertile age, testifies to the practical care of the state.

In the solution of these issues, effective interaction of all institutions and organizations, their coordination and cooperation is necessary. The issue of strengthening the family institution, the development of traditional family values, the upbringing of a harmoniously developed generation affects all aspects of the life of our society. In this connection, the process of elaborating the Concept of Strengthening the Family Institute, which determines the main directions of activity of all institutions of power, organizations for strengthening the family institution for the long-term period, is underway in the republic. To achieve the consolidation of the society, active work is needed to discuss the urgent issues of strengthening the family, to present interesting and effective proposals for protecting the rights of women, children and other family members, and raising children.

Great importance is attached to international cooperation with foreign organizations, research institutions in the study and exchange of experience in the sphere of family and marriage.

Today, Uzbekistan has reached a qualitatively new level of development of society, where the main link is the institution of the family. There is no doubt that strengthening the position of the national agency, which will develop and evaluate policy, research on family issues, and promote healthy families, will ensure long-term results important for each of us.

IA “ Dunyo 

(The material was prepared on the basis of information from the Republican Scientific and Practical Center “Oila”)