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November 7, 2016



here are plans afoot to launch seven new production facilities in the Angren Special Industrial Zone (SIZ) by the end of 2016.

New enterprises will specialize in the production of composite structures, glazed ceramic granite and ceramic tile, plastic materials like acryl and foamex, and other products.

Most of the enterprises will be established through the funding of foreign investors. For example, the Italian Sacmi and the Chinese Gulf Cable Trading Company will invest more than $20 million in the ceramic granite project. The company is estimated to produce up to 4.5 million square meters annually. Since the foundation of Angren SIZ in 2012, its enterprises have disbursed more than $182.5 million of investments.

In eight months of 2016, 11 enterprises of Angren special industrial zone have produced goods for 618.4 billion soums, and exported for $ 6.7 million. They created more than 1,300 jobs, and with the advent of seven new companies, the number of jobs will increase by another 380.

The SIZ’s biggest company will be commissioned next year. A rubber plant is currently being built in partnership with the Chinese Poly Technologies Inc. It is envisaged to establish the production of 100,000 linear meters of conveyor belts, 200,000 agricultural and 3 million car tires per year. The project will create about 1,200 jobs.

Specialists are concurrently working on the establishment of transport infrastructure to help enterprises of the industrial zone to integrate in the international logistics system. In particular, Uzbekistan Railways is implementing a project on expanding the railway station and cargo terminal, which has already disbursed more than $2.2 million.

The construction and reconstruction of 15.7 km sections of trunk and feeder roads is currently in progress. The construction of the highway from the Shark street to the Angren sugar factory has been already completed, streets were repaired, and feeder roads to the silicon plant were reconstructed.

“The Angren SIZ opens up broad prospects for joint investment cooperation with foreign companies with its economic potential, production capacities, natural and human resources. The capacity of the SIZ allows developing various manufactures on enhanced processing of raw materials and production of high-tech goods, as promoted by mechanical engineering, chemistry and food industry companies, as well as enterprises on deep processing of fruits and vegetables and production of modern construction materials, which are getting prepared for the commissioning. We do our best to fully engage the capacities of the industrial zone, and are actively working to further attract foreign investments with the focus on direct investments,” said Director General Sahib Saifnazarov.

Important issues of energy supply are part of extension. The Angren thermal power plant has launched a new unit this August. The modern technology allows burning 1 million tons of high-ash coal per year, generating 840 million kW/h of electricity and 423,000 Gcal of thermal energy.

“Coal combustion at TPP will increase from 20 to 45%. The technology is distinguished by the opportunity of using coal with a high percentage of ash content. This, in turn, addresses the problem of accumulation of large amounts of low-calorie and high ash fuel in coal dumps of the Angren mine. The concentration of air emissions will not exceed the norm because the plant installed new treatment facilities. The unit was commissioned in due time, because the number of companies is growing. The Angren SIZ is gaining momentum, turning into another effective mechanism for the development of the national economy,” said the TPP Director General Dilshod Yulchiev.

The Angren SIZ was established in April 2012 in line with a decree of the President of Uzbekistan. Benefits are provided for a period of 3-7 years depending on the amount of investment.  For example, investments from $300,000 to $3 million provide exemption from taxes and customs duties for three years, from $3 million to $10 million – for five years, more than $10 million – for seven years.