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November 30, 2017


On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Center for the Study of Public Opinion “Izhtimoiy Fikr” conducted another sociological survey.

The study was aimed at studying the attitude of citizens to the Basic Law, determining the level of legal literacy of residents, identifying the views of the population about the degree of ensuring human rights and freedoms.

Constitution Day is a national holiday, full of deep historical, political and social significance. Citizens of Uzbekistan with a feeling of special pride meet her anniversary anniversary. With the adoption of the Basic Law, the people determined the future of the Motherland, the essence, content and goals of political, legal, social, economic, and spiritual development.

According to the study, the absolute majority of citizens – 90.5% believe that the Constitution is the main document regulating legal relations, which establishes the fundamental foundations for the formation of a sovereign state and a just society, commitment to the protection of human rights, the ideals of democracy and social justice, peace and interethnic harmony.

According to the residents of the country, the Basic Law is the main symbol of our independent democratic state, the ideas and norms of which reflect the centuries-old experience and spiritual values, the rich historical legacy of the people.

86.3% of respondents believe that the Constitution not only meets the requirements of the time, but is also designed for the future. Its provisions guarantee the irreversibility of phased reforms in the country, the optimal combination of dynamism and stability in the country’s modernization. Citizens are convinced that this document, along with universal human legal values that have passed the test of time, includes the constitutional experience of civilized states, as well as our national characteristics and rich experience of statehood. This creates all the necessary conditions for the evolutionary legal development of the state and society, their effective interaction in order to increase the dynamism and effectiveness of democratic reforms.

The participants of the opinion poll expressed their conviction that a high legal culture is the imperative of the times. In modern conditions, it is necessary that every citizen attains the proper level of legal awareness, literacy and could in practice apply the acquired knowledge. It is revealed that 92.6% of respondents are well informed about their civil rights.

Most of the residents of the country, according to the results obtained, are sufficiently well informed about the content of the Basic Law. According to citizens, the Constitution, in its structure and orientation, differs fundamentally from those that previously operated on the territory of Uzbekistan. It establishes the fundamental essence of democracy, according to which the people are the only source of state power. The absolute majority of citizens – 94.8% answered that in Uzbekistan their basic constitutional rights are fully ensured, priority is given to the rule of law.

The results of the survey show that during the years of independence the Constitution of Uzbekistan has become a solid foundation for building a legal democratic state, a strong civil society, the development of a socially oriented economy based on market relations and the priority of private property, creating favorable conditions for the life of citizens, regardless of their nationality and confession.

The study showed that the residents of our country support and approve the measures taken under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev aimed at ensuring and protecting the rights and interests of citizens, further improving the legal culture of the population.