Swiss newspaper: Uzbekistan is the cultural heart of Central Asia

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May 24, 2016

Swiss newspaper: Uzbekistan is the cultural heart of Central Asia


The online newspaper Tages Anzeiger (Switzerland) published an article devoted to the tourist potential of Uzbekistan. The publication describes the scenic landscapes of our country, the diversity of flora and fauna, and climatic characteristics of the country.

The material was prepared by the Swiss travel company Kira-Reisen, which organizes tours for European travelers to our country.

Cultural data contained in the article introduces European audience to the location of the country, population, its multinational composition, values, customs and traditions of the Uzbek people. It is noted that for many centuries the ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent and others were the centers of development and spirituality, culture and science. Uzbek land gave the world great scientists, philosophers, poets, whose invaluable contribution to the development of human civilization does not fade for centuries.

“Tourists which visit Uzbekistan will witness the greatness of the spiritual and historical heritage of the country. Historical cities located in the green valleys, enchant with their turquoise domes and the splendor and beauty of architectural monuments complement each other”.

It is emphasized that Uzbekistan played an important role in the establishment and development of the Great Silk Road – one of the most important transcontinental routes in the history of mankind. Along with trade, culture and art flourished in the territory of our country, and this truly made the Uzbek land “cultural heart of Central Asia”. “A lot of fairy tales and legends rouse there on the background of the magnificent landscapes and the flourishing of medieval architecture, enchanting imagination till modern days”, the edition sums up.