Symbol of love and fidelity

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March 2, 2018

Symbol of love and fidelity

Zulfiya is symbol of love, kindness, loyaltyand dedication. She was born on the first day of spring, and this date is widely celebrated in the country every year.

On March 1,the Tashkent Alley of Writers was filled early in the morning with youth, with books in their hands, respectable aksakals and mothers, representatives of the general public. Writers and poets, literary scholars, activists of women’s committees, spiritual propagandists, and fans of literature were invited to an educational event organized in connection with the 103rd anniversary of the people’s poet of Uzbekistan, well-known public figure, journalist and poet, beloved daughter of people of Uzbekistan,Zulfiya.

Zulfiya’s poetry is permeated with love for the Motherland, nature, and life. Her fiery lines call to protect, as the apple of the eye, the sacred and fertile land, peaceful and tranquil, prosperous and happy life, a peaceful sky overhead, to appreciate each other.

Establishment in 1999 of Zulfiya State Prize has become a vivid reflection of perpetuation of the poet’s memory and high respect for her many-sided creativity. At the same time, this award has become a symbol of respect for the activity of women, a factor that calls talented girls to conquer new creative boundaries, which is gaining wider international recognition.

The opening in Jizzakh of a specialized boarding school with in-depth study of Uzbek language and literature named after Hamid Alimdjan and Zulfiya promotes a deep study of our literary heritage, the education of a worthy replacement of the classics of the national literature.

“Zulfiya is a model of selfless love for the Motherland, devoted service to our peoplefor us,” said ChamanJonuzokova, a student of the Faculty of Foreign Philology at the National University of Uzbekistan, laureate of Zulfiya State Prize. – My goal is to translate her poems into English.

At the event, Zulfiya’s works and poems of young poets were performed, songs about the homeland and spring were sung. Anexhibitionofworksbyyoungartistswasheld.

At the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Chairman of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan T.Narbayevadelivered a speech.