Tachkent-Paris about the investment potential of the Navoi region of Uzbekistan

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May 31, 2015

Tachkent-Paris about the investment potential of the Navoi region of Uzbekistan


Tachkent_ParisIn the second issue of the electronic journal Tachkent-Paris in 2015 a detailed report, dedicated to Navoi region and its investment and economic potential, was published.

It should be noted that the chief editor Sylvie D’Izarn visited the Navoi region and the Free Industrial Economic Zone (FIEZ) “Navoi” during her visit to our country with the observation mission at the presidential election in Uzbekistan.

At the end of her stay, she had prepared a report, in which shared her impressions of what she saw in this industrial region.

“Free Industrial Economic Zone “Navoi” was founded in 2008 on an area of ​​564 hectares near the town of Navoi – one of the most industrialized cities of Uzbekistan, – the author writes. – This economic zone offers foreign investors greater opportunities and competitive advantages in building complexes with a full cycle production in all industries”.

It is noted that priority is given to the establishment of manufacturing a wide range of high-tech, competitive on world markets through the introduction of modern high-performance equipment and machinery, production lines and modules.

“Business entities registered in the FIEZ “Navoi” are exempt from all taxes for a certain period depending on the volume of investment, – reported in the article. – Participants of FIEZ “Navoi” are exempt from customs duties on imported equipment and raw materials and components for the production of products for export to the entire period of the FIEZ”.

The report also describes the international intermodal logistics center Navoi, which is used as a transcontinental transport and forwarding hub connecting the East and South-East Asia with Europe, the Middle East and CIS countries.

The editor of the French magazine also wrote that the Navoi Free Industrial Economic Zone has all the infrastructure and transport communications conditions for the successful implementation of joint business projects.