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August 9, 2016

Talent Wins Medals


Judging by the matters, of the five international subject Olympiads, in which students of Uzbek lyceums and colleges will participate, the International Chemistry Olympiad has been the richest in awards.

Earlier, Uzbekistan Today reported that for the first time this year students of academic lyceums and professionals colleges of Uzbekistan will participate in five international Olympiads. Preparations for the last Olympiad, the one in computer science, which is scheduled for August 12-19 in Russia, are nearing their end.

The team that participated in the 48th International Chemistry Olympiad was met early in the morning at Tashkent airport. Three of the four participants brought home medals. Sarvara Shayunusov won a silver medal, his second. He had clinched his first medal in the spring at the Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad for schoolchildren. Jakhongir Fakhriyev and Charos Omonova won bronze medals.

The team earned an incentive diploma for its participation in the International Biology Olympiad.

Previously, Uzbekistan Today reported that Uzbek college and lyceum students had won two bronze medals and one diploma at an international mathematics Olympiad while an international physics Olympiad had given us no awards. The upcoming computer science competition does not promise to be generous with medals either given Uzbek students’ lack of experience in participating in these competitions.