Tashkent discussed national and international experience in the enforcement of laws

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April 20, 2016

Tashkent discussed national and international experience in the enforcement of laws


Tashkent hosted an international conference “Mechanisms for enhancing the effectiveness of enforcement of laws: national and international experience”.

Main purpose of the event was to exchange experience in the sphere of ensuring the unified application of laws, bringing the adopted laws to the notice of executors and the public, to increase the responsibility of officials in these processes.

The conference brought together international experts from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia and other countries, including European Parliament who shared their experience in the field of legislative consolidation of law enforcement mechanisms.

The sides discussed pressing issues of the effectiveness of enforcement activities of state bodies on the implementation of laws, the prospects for the development of civil society institutions and the media in increasing public awareness of the legal and public control over the execution of laws, and other matters concerning this area.

At the same time, national experts – members of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, members of the Senate, representatives of NGOs, local councils deputies informed the participants about the systematic work carried out in further improving enhance mechanisms of the law enforcement effectiveness. 

It should be noted that these questions in modern conditions is one of the priority tasks of the rule of law guaranteeing effective legal protection for citizens and legal entities, as well as enabling the society to develop within the legal field.

A reporter of “Jahon” information agency talked with the participants after the conference.

Iveta Grigule, Chairman of the EU Delegation on relations with Central Asia and Mongolia, Co-chairman of the Committee for Parliamentary Cooperation “Uzbekistan – EU”:

– During my participation in the forum I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of the Uzbek parliament and local authorities. I must say that our Uzbek colleagues conduct their work at a high level, and the only thing that can improve their work in this direction – is the exchange of experience with other countries. At the same time, foreign practice should be implemented taking into account the specifics of the development of Uzbekistan.

In turn, we have something to learn from the experiences of your country. I am referring to the functioning of the self-government institutions as makhalla. This unique civil institution based on ancient traditions, is an indication of direct democracy in the country. That’s it, in my opinion, should be studied carefully.

Also in terms of economic development, I want to say with confidence that the successes achieved by the republic may serve as an example not only for the countries of Central Asia, but also the European Union.

Taking this opportunity, I want to wish good luck and prosperity to the country, the happiness and health of its residents. I am sure that the Uzbek people have a bright future.

Andrejs Mamykins, MEP from Latvia: 

– I am honored to participate in this conference, as Uzbekistan is an important partner for the European Parliament. This fact is confirmed by that there is a permanent delegation for cooperation with Central Asia and Mongolia.

Our intensive partnership includes annual meetings of European and Uzbek deputies, as well as the opportunity of individual participation of MEPs in conferences organized in Uzbekistan. Today’s event, which bears the actual character, is a clear example of this. Its results are of practical importance and should be reflected in better understanding, accountability and effectiveness of law enforcement by bodies of executive power.

Along with this, it is necessary to emphasize that the role of Uzbekistan in ensuring security and stability in the region is steadfast. The contribution of the Republic in the socio-economic development of Afghanistan, especially in matters of the construction of country’s infrastructure is inestimable.

During my stay here, I was also able to get acquainted with the work on the development of activities of media, in particular interactive television, aimed at youth work. I think that the attention given to the country’s all-round education of the younger generation is commendable.

Also it is pleased that the carried out work to ensure the safety, among other things, it testifies to the professionalism of law enforcement agencies. In the current realities their activity plays an important role in maintaining peace and stability.

Erik Akse, Executive Director of Impact Assessment Institute (Belgium):

– Today’s event is a very interesting and useful. Foreign experts were able to learn in detail about ongoing reforms in Uzbekistan in the field of improvement of legislation.

I witnessed how well are functioning institutional framework and mechanisms in this area. Of course, all of this influences the development of society and the economy.

We are interested in the exchange of experiences and mutual cooperation. As in many countries around the world, in your country it has been established extensive and well-developed legal system. I would like to emphasize that this system in Uzbekistan, as in the EU, has been deeply thought out. The obvious fact is that one of the main dogmas in the country is the directivity of all legal acts for the benefit of people and society.

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