Tashkent’s Navoi Park Hosts Central Festive Event Occasioned to Navruz Holiday

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April 14, 2014

Tashkent’s Navoi Park Hosts Central Festive Event Occasioned to Navruz Holiday

navoi_parkThe land of Uzbekistan has welcomed the Navruz in its inimitable beauty, with a spring breeze and the blossom of snowdrops and tulips. Navruz is a symbol of clear skies, rebirth of the nature, love, and it is a hymn of life. The air around smells sumalak, here and there you can hear a proud roar of horses getting ready for the ulak-kupkari, the gambling cries of palvans, and a tender laughter of gorgeous girls and young women.

Everything around is full of life. The spring finds a response in the heart of every person. The people are overfilled with the childish joy of renewal, creation and neatness.

This is the very way the Navruz starts in our country as a symbol of the power of nature, unity, creation and grace.

The Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan acquired a festive decoration on March 19.

navoi_park1It gathered the lawmakers, government members, figures of science, culture, sports and arts, advanced people of the production sphere, entrepreneurs, veterans, representatives of embassies of foreign nations and international organizations accredited in our country.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov entered the square accompanied by a storm of applause from the participants of the festive event.

In his keynote address, the head of our state congratulated the people of Uzbekistan on the Navruz, a holiday of renewal, beauty, love and compassion.

Garlanded with colorful flags, balloons, live flowers, the square and the stage welcome the start of the holiday, festivities, under the sounds of karnays and surnays. At these unforgettable moments, the souls of our compatriots are overfilled with joy and a sense of gratitude for the invaluable gifts of life, peaceful and harmonious life of the people and country.

From times immemorial, our people have met the awakening of the nature, the start of a new year with immense celebration, big hopes, clear heart and kind intentions, and crucially – the creative labor. After all, cleanness and order bring about abundance and health.

navoi_park2The beloved holiday is widely celebrated this year also across all cities and villages, auls and mahallas with folk festivities.

President Islam Karimov’s resolution on the arrangement of nationwide celebration of the holiday Navruz in the year 2014, signed 24 February of the current year, has become a guide for action in efforts to organize worthwhile celebration of most important and truly nationwide festival.

In accordance with the resolution, wide-ranging endeavors are underway in every corner of the nation under a motto “May every day of ours be like Navruz!” to hold the holiday in line with national values in the form of folk sayils (street festivities).

From the very first days of the spring, dynamic works have been in progress throughout the country in beautification and landscaping. Following cold winter days, residential quarters were put in order. During the nationwide charity hashar organized March 15, the efforts were assigned to cleaning and beautification of mahallas and streets, squares and gardens, enterprises and organizations. Shrines and cemeteries were made neat, and fruit and decorative trees as well as flowers were planted. Visits were arranged to low-income families, lonely elders, people with disabilities. All this is suggestive of the sense of love and compassion, care for the needy, as well as humanism have come to be priority ideals in our society.

navoi_park3The stage welcomes the children, holders of our future. Their exciting songs and dances glorify the beautiful and happy childhood.

A country is powerful when its children are healthy, and the children are healthy in a powerful country. For this idea of the head of our state to be implemented, the issue related to fostering a healthy and comprehensively advanced generation was elevated to the level of state strategy from the first days of national independence. All our endeavors are assigned to nurturing a physically robust, deeply knowledgeable, will powered and courageous generation of genuine patriots, individuals with sound thinking, firm beliefs and high spiritual ethics.

Another practical reflection of this care was manifest on the announcement of the year 2014 as the one of the Healthy Child at the initiative of President Islam Karimov.

In the festivities this year, a special significance is attached to performances of artistic and folk-ethnographic groups of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and provinces of the country. Their program contains the demonstration of national customs, lapars, songs and dances of each region, askiya, bakhshi contests, along with performances of artistic teams of the numerous ethnic cultural centers in our country.

Peace and tranquility is the highest good achieved by our nation under the leadership of President Islam Karimov in the years of independent development. Our ancestors used to say, not incidentally, that a peaceful country is a happy country. After all, it is only in those places where peace reigns people can set high and gracious goals for themselves and accomplish them, realize their talents and abilities for the good of the native land, and celebrate holidays with bliss and in friendly atmosphere.

It is for this very reason our people regard this good with special reverence and always wish peace and prosperity for themselves and others. In the words of the President of the country, the peaceful life, interethnic harmony, the environment of mutual respect and cohesion constitute the foundation for Uzbekistan’s colossal accomplishments admired across the world on its way of independent development.

“Every holiday is celebrated in an elated mood in Uzbekistan,” says the participant of the festive occasion, Japan’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in our country Fumihiko Kato. “I am simply charmed by the peculiarity of the holiday Navruz. The joyous, festive mood of people is indicative of the peaceful and prosperous life reigning in this country.”

“Navruz makes us move closer to the nature. This holiday consolidates the confidence in that everything is being done in this country to further the interests of people, development and prosperity of the native land, wellbeing of the nation,” says Gulsara Usmanova, adviser to the chairman of the citizens’ assembly for religious enlightenment and ethical education in the Tinchlik mahalla of Jizzakh region’s Zomin district.

The performances of masters of arts, young singers who glorify the native land, the independence, the holiday of rebirth and youth, find a deep reflection in the hearts of those present at the square. The beautiful melodies, inspiring dances, and the truly magic action grant everybody a genuinely spring bliss. At these fabulous moments, our souls are overfilled with the sense of love and devotion to the Motherland, kindness and generosity.

The live coverage of the central festive occasion timed to the Navruz celebrations, which was watched in many countries across the globe owing to the communication satellite, is another manifestation of the enormous achievements of our people in the years of independent development, the scales and scope of the efforts in the name of the prosperity of the native land as well as the wellbeing and happiness of people.