Teachers of Uzbek universities improved their skills in Germany

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August 24, 2015

Teachers of Uzbek universities improved their skills in Germany


Bilateral relations between Uzbekistan and Germany are actively developing in various spheres, including in the field of science and education. Recently, a group of language teachers of high schools of our country from among the holders of the Fund’s grants “Iste’dod” the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan has completed a two-week training courses in Bremerhafenskom University.

As part of the educational program “Summer School”, organized by this institution of higher education in Germany, our teachers, linguists familiar with the peculiarities of the German system of professional development of teachers and interpretation of translation. The program also allowed them to share their experiences with their German counterparts, which will undoubtedly further enhance the level of training of local specialists in the field of philology.

Upon completion of the program students received certificates for successful completion of the refresher course.

In order to familiarize the German colleagues with an ancient history and rich culture, traditions and customs of the Uzbek people, as well as the current development of our country in the framework of the training program grantees organized a presentation Bremerhafen University of Uzbekistan.

Participants of this event – the university professors and students with interest the information provided. They appreciated the attention given to the country’s further development of science and education, education and intellectual development, physical and spiritual health of the younger generation.

Thus, in an interview with news agency “Jahon” Vice-rector and head of the “summer school” Bremerhafen University, Professor Gerhard Feldmeier said:

– We have good cooperation with universities and institutes in Uzbekistan since 2007. I want to emphasize that it is our main partner in Central Asia in the sphere of science and education. We are very pleased to welcome every year in the “Summer School” of Uzbek delegation of teachers to exchange experiences and knowledge. This year we have prepared for them a rich educational and cultural program.

I have repeatedly visited your republic and in the course of his travels convinced that you have the development of science and education raised to the rank of state policy priorities. It deserves respect and that pays special attention to the establishment and expansion of partnerships with higher education institutions of the Republic of universities and institutes around the world.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to sincerely congratulate all the people of Uzbekistan with the 24th anniversary of Independence, and to express my warmest wishes. I hope to continue a constructive and long-term cooperation with our Uzbek partners to further great achievements.

Member of “Summer School” teacher of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology University of World Languages ​​Lutfulla Holiyarov noted that German partners appreciate implemented major reforms in Uzbekistan, including in the field of education.

– Special respect and attention, in their opinion, is the fact that the annual cost of education in the country is 10-12% of GDP, and their share in the state budget expenditures exceed 35%.

The two-week training courses organized in the University Bremerhafen for us were very useful. These are the theoretical knowledge and practical skills we will use during the training process in our universities.