Teachers of Uzbekistan will be trained abroad

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May 31, 2015

Teachers of Uzbekistan will be trained abroad


Teachers_of_UzbekistanTo further stimulate foreign language teachers, together with the British Council held a review competition “The best English teacher of the year”, according to the Ministry of Education of Uzbekistan.

It was on his results, scheduled study tour 42 winners in their respective training centers in the UK.

In addition, teachers who teach English in grades 3, organized a 36-hour special courses. Thanks to these studies, 18,000 teachers will be trained in the methodology and peculiarities of English language teaching for new textbook Kids` English 3.

However, to further improve the quality of the system of foreign language teaching, starting in March 2015, further organized regular courses enhance professional skills. To this end, supporting 576 schools in all districts and cities with the help of specially trained 695 highly skilled trainers provided training for more than 20 thousand English teachers in secondary schools.

At the same time the order was put, in accordance with which the teacher of foreign languages ​​schools that has not been tested in a calendar year twice in a row are not allowed to teaching.