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July 16, 2017

Technologies of the Future

Besides, they will not have to sell part of the currency proceeds from exports of goods, works and services of their own production.

Center residents are also entitled to make settlements in foreign currency on the territory of the country as salary payments and dividends in non-cash form by transfer to international payment cards, within the proceeds from exports of goods, works and services of their own production, as well as export works and services in foreign currency through online stores without export contracts.

Additional benefits are provided for the employees of the Innovation Center, whose incomes in the form of wages received prior to January 1, 2028, will be taxed on personal income at a fixed rate of 7.5%, and citizens’ insurance contributions to the off-budget Pension Fund – at a rate of 4.5%. At the same time, they are not included in the aggregate annual income of individuals designated for tax purposes.

The Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications, jointly with the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Committee, will conduct an annual analysis of the degree of influence of the granted benefits and preferences on the development of the national ICT market, the competitiveness of software products and services in the domestic and foreign markets, and then present its results to the Coordination Council.

The agencies in charge will ensure the full-fledged functioning of international payment cards in the country, as well as transfer foreign exchange earnings from the sale of goods and services through online stores to the bank accounts of residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.