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October 26, 2016



Creation of optimal conditions for development of small business and private entrepreneurship has been underway throughout the country. Introduction of information and communication technologies in the public procurement system has been playing a special role in this process by creating ultimate advantages for entrepreneurs.

Republican Commodity Exchange has been working effectively in this direction. Small business and private entrepreneurship entities are widely involved in corporate procurement system in electronic form. This allows developing competition, promotes transparency in commodity prices and their optimization.

RCE introduced an electronic system of public procurement in 2011. This creates opportunities for electronic auction trading on reduction of the starting price, effective disbursement of state budget funds, and expanded involvement of small businesses in the fulfillment of government orders.

The e-procurement system is built on trading platforms for public and corporate procurement in the form of e-auction trading, aiming at reducing the initial price. The transition of all stages of public procurement, ranging from the announcement of the acquisition of goods to selection of the supplier, in electronic format, reduces the human impact on the final result.

There is now an opportunity to purchase and sell food, clothing, bedding, furniture, computer equipment and other products through the commodity exchange.

The system of electronic trading exchange has registered more than 25,000 customers and more than 44,000 suppliers. 98.6% of the suppliers are represented by small businesses and private enterprises. Since the beginning of 2016, the volume of public procurement through the RCE has amounted to 400 billion soums, budget savings – 83.7 billion soums.

Meanwhile, the public procurement system has been constantly steramlined. Specific measures are taken to enhance the openness and competitiveness of public and corporate procurement. The RCE information portal places announcements of mandatory procurements, their schedule, statistics, and other information. It also provides information about agents, guarantors, the list of careless suppliers, average commodity prices.

The Decree of the Interim President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev ‘On additional measures to ensure the rapid development of business, all-round protection of private property and effective improvement of the business environment’ has placed new challenges for the sector. The document entrusts the relevant agencies with implementation of measures to accelerate the development of information and communication technologies in state agencies, expand the contactless forms of cooperation between businesses and authorities under the introduction of the Electronic Government system. That should expand the boundaries of electronic communication, and create broader opportunities for entrepreneurs.

“The conditions and opportunities for businessmen are essential for our further expansion. Our firm supplies meters and computer hardware. Previously, we sold the goods at shops in the markets. Today, we sell them through electronic trading on the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange. Electronic trading is a good opportunity to sell goods to various regions remotely, saving time and money. In general, the promotion of electronic trading creates convenience for small businesses and private enterprises, contributing to their performance, enhancing their role and strengthening positions in the economy of our country,” said the head of the Magnitik Group Suhrob Rasulov.