The anti-drug policy of Uzbekistan: view from abroad

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July 13, 2015

The anti-drug policy of Uzbekistan: view from abroad

anti_drug_policyLarge-scale measures, implemented in our country, to combat drug trafficking and drug abuse cause an increased interest abroad. This is evidenced by regular publications in the foreign press and estimates of international experts.

Thus, the Latvian journals “Free City” and “The Baltic Course”, as well as portal Baltic News Service (BNS) published articles devoted to the analysis of drug situation in Uzbekistan in 2014.

According to publications, today the republic opposed all the social, economic and political resources of the state to the threat of drugs. As part of the monitoring of drug use more balanced approach aimed at drug demand reduction and prevention of illicit trafficking.

anti_drug_policy1Russian weekly “Mir novostey” (“World of News”) focuses on the Uzbek-Russian cooperation in the fight against the drug threat. Publication reports that in order to improve the efficiency of cooperation on December 10, 2014 in Tashkent signed a protocol between the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia on the exchange of research results in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances confiscated from illicit trafficking.

anti_drug_policy2In turn, the Chinese news agency “Xinhua” and Afghan newspaper Daily Outlook Afghanistan noted that Uzbekistan attaches great importance to the implementation of commitments to the international community to combat illicit drug trafficking. Proof of this – campaign, which held annually in Tashkent, to destroy a large consignment of drugs seized in the fight against drug trafficking. It is reported that at the end of June this year at a plant Sergeli district was burned 1.4 tons of drugs.

Egyptian socio-political newspaper “Shabab an-Nil” (Youth of Egypt) and popular scientific magazine “al-Aklam va al-Qutub” acquainted its readers with the achievements of Uzbekistan in the formation of negative public attitudes towards drug abuse, promoting healthy lifestyles, and also improve the availability and quality of medical drug treatment.

anti_drug_policy4Besides that, leading foreign electronic media – information-analytical portal of India and and, Russian news edition Azerbaijani news portals and Turkishnews Ethnoglobus, and the Center for Research on International Strategy and Security in Turkey (USGAM) gave a detailed information about the results of targeted measures to detect and prevent drug trafficking channels by law enforcement bodies of Uzbekistan.

It should be noted that the anti-drug policy of the country has been extensively studied in the course of the overseas round tables, information evenings and briefings. Such events involving political, official and expert-analytical circles were held in Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the US and Switzerland.

anti_drug_policy5Uzbekistan’s experience in the fight against drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking is highly appreciated by international experts.

Thus, Professor of Faculty of Law at Kuwait University, an expert in public and constitutional law, Mohammed al-Fili highlighted the active work of the media in Uzbekistan to promote a healthy lifestyle, the formation of a negative attitude among the population of the republic to drug use, explaining the administrative and criminal liability for their actions trafficking. As a result, there has been decline in the number of drug addicts. According to official data, over the past five years, this figure fell by more than 20%.

anti_drug_policy6Deputy Head of the Department of Industrial Policy Ministry of Interior of Latvia, the secretary of the Coordinating Council on Drugs and Drug Addiction under the guidance of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia, Chairman of the EU Working Group on Drugs J.Bekmanis stressed that Uzbekistan’s experience on combating drug abuse and illicit trafficking is of great interest for Latvia and the whole world community.