The concert at the Conservatory of Rome: “The Great Silk Road: in the footsteps of Marco Polo”

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June 15, 2015

The concert at the Conservatory of Rome: “The Great Silk Road: in the footsteps of Marco Polo”

concertThe historic hall “Medalene” of Roman Conservatory “Santa Cecilia” hosted a concert “The Great Silk Road: in the footsteps of Marco Polo”, dedicated to the Italian-Uzbek friendship.

It is organized in cooperation with the Embassy of the conservatory of our country in Italy, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research of Italy, Lazio region administration and the mayor of Rome.

The event was attended by representatives of the Department of International Relations of the Ministry, the leadership, faculty and students of this musical institution.


Before the start of the concert program Conservatory Professor Maurizio Ciampi made a presentation about our country, where he told those present about the rich cultural and historical heritage of Uzbekistan. He also introduced the features of modern development and centuries-old traditions of our people. The Italian scientist noted that the country pays close attention to the support and development of classical opera and music.


During the presentation it was noted that over the years of independence in the country built the set of global standards, institutions of higher, secondary special education in the field of arts and culture. Provides information about the already traditional festivals, such as “Sharq taronalari”, “You are one, the sacred Homeland!”, “Tashkent Spring”, which are essential for the generation of harmoniously developing in the country.


Addressing the participants of the evening well-known philanthropist, president of the Conservatory Adolfo Vannucci said that during his numerous trips to Uzbekistan, he witnessed how in the country are paying considerable attention to support talented young people, including in the field of opera and music.

In turn, the director of the Conservatory Alfredo Santolochchi informed those present that today’s event is intended to showcase the Italian public the closeness of the two peoples, the relationship between them has its roots deep into the centuries. At a time when the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo and ethnographer made his first important historical journey along the transcontinental transport corridor – the Great Silk Road, which united the West with the East.

A.Santolochchi has also noted that the government of Uzbekistan held in conjunction with the UNESCO International Festival “Sharq taronalari” is the most important musical event not only in Uzbekistan, but also throughout Central Asia, which is biennially held in the center of Samarkand on the historic square of Registan.


– We are very interested in the participation of our representatives in this great musical event, which takes place in the open air in Samarkand, surrounded by magnificent monuments of eastern medieval architecture, as well as in the presence of many people from around the world, – he said.Further, after the presentation there was a concert with the participation of Italian and Uzbek musicians and opera singers.

At the end of a musical evening, some of the participants shared their impressions with the correspondent of IA “Jahon” on the concert and the development of Uzbekistan.


Maurizio Ciampi, Professor of Roman Conservatory “Santa Cecilia”:

– It is gratifying that held such an interesting musical evening devoted to the Uzbek-Italian friendship.

The name of the concert is not accidental, because the friendly relations between the two countries has existed since the days of Marco Polo. In my opinion, it was a great event, because in the course of the evening were able to demonstrate with significant cultural potentsialvashey country and to discuss the possibility of the interchange of experiences of two conservatories in Italy and Uzbekistan. I think that our students are well able to perform the work in the Uzbek language, including those of the famous opera “Tricks of Maysara” by Suleiman Yudakov.

Uzbekistan – a very musical country, full of talents. And Italy, in turn, is the edge, the birthplace of classical opera, musical writing.

I believe that our countries have much in common, as well as common interests and objectives in the field of music. Today’s event – it is one more step for the rapprochement of our peoples.

Adolfo Vannucci, president of the Rome Conservatory “Santa Cecilia”:

– I love your country, and happy that I was able to visit Uzbekistan many times. Memories of the beautiful young Samarkand forever remain in my heart. It was the most wonderful days.

Uzbekistan has a rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Along with this, it should be noted that the residents of your country is very hospitable, responsive and musical.

I am very glad of this opportunity to be here today at Italian-Uzbek concert which is the first in the history and to reiterate the historical relationship between the two countries.

Graduates of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan occupy a place of honor in the world of music all over the world. Many came to Italy, performed at the competitions, gave concerts.Today’s event showed that a tool like music, can serve as a strong foundation for friendly relations between the peoples. I am sure that from this day the relations between our countries will develop and strengthen.

Domenico Carboni, composer, director of the National Conservatory of Music Library “Santa Cecilia”:

– I am very pleased to participate in today’s musical evening of friendship.

I have many years was director of the music library at the State Conservatory “Santa Cecilia”. Our library is one of the most famous in the world, which holds great works of musical genius of art, rare manuscripts, autographs, manuscripts, and much else that is of great interest in world music.Today, during a concert, I heard an aria of Irene “Sposa son dispresata” of Antonio Vivaldi’s opera “Bajazet”, dedicated to the era of Tamerlan which was sung by one of our students. It was nice to know that together we can promote a culture of Uzbekistan and Italy in the world.

Roberto Giuliani, a professor of musicology at the Conservatory:

– Today’s event is considered very important because our students and teachers were able to get acquainted with interesting musical reality in Uzbekistan, many existing opportunities for cooperation between our countries. We were interested to know what measures are being taken from you for the development of the younger generation. It can also serve as a good example to follow musical institutions in Italy.

Conservatory “Santa Cecilia” is open to international music collaboration. I hope that in the future between Uzbekistan and Italy will increasingly stronger cooperation, including in the development of the musical genre.

Aquarello Cisidio, a student of class on conducting at the Roman Conservatory “Santa Cecilia”:

– In my opinion, today there was a very significant event. All those present had the opportunity to see the great potential of the two conservatories – Italian and Uzbek. My colleagues and I was interested to learn about all the possibilities of musical art in Uzbekistan, including in the establishment of further cooperation. I believe that our existing close cultural ties will serve as a unique continuation for future generations.

At the end of the event were discussed the issues of bilateral cooperation in the field of classical music education and performance, as well as the further development of cultural relations between Italy and Uzbekistan.