The EU notes positive developments in the relations with Uzbekistan

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March 15, 2016

The EU notes positive developments in the relations with Uzbekistan


Deepening of cooperation in several areas is noted between the European Union and Uzbekistan compared to previous years. Yuri Sterk, the head of the EU delegation in Uzbekistan, said to Uzbekistan Today.

“Over the years, we have seen positive developments in the relations between the EU and Uzbekistan. Expansion and deepening of cooperation in several areas, significant openness from the both sides in the implementation of our political dialogue can be stated”, – Sterk said.

According to him, in the past, the parties were less constructive periods of interaction, “but now we have a really good dynamics of relationship.” “I can say that we have no closed topics, all the issues we put on the agenda are discussed quite openly. We see this as significant progress, “- the diplomat noted.

Moreover, as Sterk believes, the parties still have considerable potential that has not been realized yet. It is primarily concerned with the socio-economic sphere, assistance from the EU in the field of reforms on further democratization and strengthening civil society carried out by the Government of Uzbekistan, supporting the measures aimed at solving social problems.

“In this regard, the EU will continue to engage the appropriate resources. I will not hide the fact that there are certain issues on which we have different opinions, approaches and positions. None of the parties go away on their discussions, and we are sure that we will come to the agreed solution through dialogue that will benefit both parties “, – Sterk added.