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May 27, 2015

The event in Israel

Tel Aviv hosted an information evening dedicated to the Day of Memory and Honor. It was attended by World War II veterans, representatives of political, academic and business circles.


The participants were familiarized with the ongoing large-scale work in Uzbekistan to improve the level and quality of life of older people, increasing the size of their financial support, strengthening of targeted social protection, improvement of health care.

Addressing at the event, Israeli experts and NGO representatives expressed their appreciation for being implemented in our country, a comprehensive program aimed at comprehensive support to elder people.

Member of the World Congress of Bukharian Jews Aliza Arie:

– The Uzbek people have always been inherent in such high moral qualities as respect for the elderly, especially elderly people.

During the years of independence, the country done extensive work to create decent living conditions for the elderly. For these purposes a significant portion of the national budget. It must be emphasized that this is a real concern of the state for the older generation is not observed in all countries.

Adviser to the Minister of aliyah and absorption Lazar Mirakov:

– The program for the full support and protection of the elderly is another proof of the social orientation of the state policy of Uzbekistan.

I think your experience in this area is of particular interest to Israel, where people of retirement age account for 42% of the total population. In particular, certain provisions of the document can be borrowed by the Minister of aliyah and adapted to the realities of Israel.

The deputy mayor of Or-Yehuda Janet Cohen:

– With great interest familiarized with the main provisions of the state program “Year of attention and care for the senior generation”.

In my opinion, it deserves special attention an item on enhancing the role of older people in public life, particularly in the education of youth in the spirit of high morality, patriotism and responsibility for the fate of the country.