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November 30, 2017


Approaching one of the important dates for our country is the Constitution Day of Uzbekistan.

For twenty-five years now, the Basic Law has been a solid foundation for building a legal democratic state in the country, a strong civil society, developing an economy based on free market relations and the priority of private property, and finding Uzbekistan a worthy place in the international community. All achievements for the years of independence are the result of strict compliance with the Constitution and the documents adopted on its basis.

The strategy of actions in the five priority areas of development was, in fact, an important program for implementing the provisions of the Constitution. In the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests, the interaction of state bodies with the population has radically changed, new forms of communication with people are being introduced. In practice, the system of accountability of officials is firmly established, thereby strengthening the constitutional principle that state power is exercised in the interests of the people. The main postulate proclaimed the idea “Not the people should serve state organs, and state organs should serve the people”.

Since the beginning of this year, in accordance with the Strategy of Action, cardinal reforms have been implemented in the judicial and legal sphere aimed at ensuring the supremacy of the Constitution and laws. A unified supreme judicial body, specialized courts have been created: in criminal, civil cases, as well as economic and administrative, which ensures the accessibility of justice for every person. The liberalization of criminal legislation continues. A large-scale work has been launched to combat crime and prevent crime.

Only until the end of 2017 is planned the implementation of 649 investment projects. New mechanisms for the protection of private property and the rights of entrepreneurs have been introduced. In particular, on the initiative of the head of state, the Institute of Business Ombudsman was established. New enterprises, free economic zones are being created. In agriculture, the optimization of crop areas continues, aimed at ensuring food security in the country.

The Basic Law stipulates that in our country the highest value is a person. Therefore, one of the most important priorities of the Strategy of Action is the radical improvement of the social sphere. Successive measures are being taken to provide citizens with work, affordable housing. Modernization of housing and communal services, social infrastructure. The system of social protection of the population and public health is being improved. In rural areas, large-scale construction of residential areas and roads is under way, reconstruction of existing ones. Improves the heat and water supply of the population. Cardinal changes take place in the education system.

From the high rostrum at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated Uzbekistan’s desire to fully ensure the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the individual, the intention to become an important and significant part of the international community, that our country remains committed to a peaceful foreign policy, based on mutually beneficial cooperation and friendship. The provision of the Basic Law remains unshakable that in our country everyone has the same rights and freedoms and is equal before the law, regardless of nationality, language, religion, convictions. The implementation of the Constitution over the years of independence has become an important factor in preserving interethnic, interfaith harmony and civil peace in our country. It is the basis of our whole life, the main guideline for further reforms.