“The future of the nation – in the proper education of youth” 

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December 14, 2015

“The future of the nation – in the proper education of youth” 


The art center Tashkent Plaza hosted educational exhibition organized by the Delegation of the European Union in Uzbekistan jointly with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic.

The aim of the event – presentation of EU projects in the development of higher education in our country, further strengthening of inter-university cooperation and empowerment of scholarship programs.

During the event, the guests have been informed about possibilities of cooperation in the field of higher education in the framework of “Tempus” and “Erazmuz +”, as well as conditions that provide the individual EU Member States for training foreign students. At the same time, it was presented the prospects of scientific and technological cooperation between the European and Uzbek universities, heard reports of graduates of the program “Erasmus Mundus” about living and studying in Europe, strategies for success in the selection process.

In an interview to Jahon I.A. Ambassador Yuri Stärk, who heads the EU delegation in Uzbekistan, said that the results of selection in the first cycle of the program “Erasmus +” showed high interest in Uzbek universities to participate in this project. He noted that of the 23 projects that have received funding in Central Asia, Uzbekistan’s universities involved in 12, which indicates to represent our country in the regional context.

– To date, a number of universities of the republic launched 8 regional and 4 national projects in cooperation with 42 European universities. This year will go to Europe, 178 participants in the project, and from Europe will arrive in Uzbekistan 69 teachers and doctoral students.

According to the Ambassador, leadership of our country pays great attention to the development of the education system, the training of young professionals, and the policy pursued in the country in this direction demonstrates a profound understanding that the future of any nation in the proper education of youth.

The diplomat highly appreciated the support of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan to ensure effective cooperation in the framework of “Tempus” and “Erasmus +”, stressing that the EU countries intend to further develop cooperation with the Uzbek partners in this direction.

They also noted that so far the Uzbek universities have gained a lot of experience in cooperation with various educational institutions in Europe. Over the years, the partnership has established a solid basis for long-term inter-university activities in various fields, the work is carried out to develop new and improve existing training programs for undergraduate and graduate programs in the educational process introduced information and communication technology, distance education. In recent years, it was conducted dozens of seminars, scientific conferences, training courses of the faculty with the participation of universities in Uzbekistan and the EU.

Thus, cooperation with the EU in this area has a special place in the international relations of our country.

It should be noted that higher education in Uzbekistan is an integral part of a single system of continuous education, which is designed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Education” and the “National Program for training.” The country’s leadership in recent years, efforts were made to radically improve the quality of training, strengthening the material-technical base of educational institutions, the development of their research base, creating hundreds of new educational and scientific laboratories.

Along with this, a number of decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to address the problems associated with the development of higher education, postgraduate education, teacher training, improvement of foreign language learning.

At this stage, the system of higher education in the country continues to develop along the path of further modernization and improvement. In this area, a large-scale in terms of work, including maintaining active and mutually beneficial cooperation with our foreign partners.