The III International Legal Forum “Tashkent Law Spring” will be held in Tashkent on May 17-18

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April 14, 2023

The III International Legal Forum “Tashkent Law Spring” will be held in Tashkent on May 17-18

The III International Legal Forum, “Tashkent Law Spring”, is one of the significant events in the field of law in the Central Asian region. The Forum is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan once every two years.

In 2023, the Forum will be held in InterContinental Tashkent (Trilliant) on May 17-18.

The main topic of the Forum is “Fundamental Rights as Eternal Values”.

In the XXI century, we are witnessing a change in the foundations of civilization. Politics, law, ethics, morality and culture, are changing behind the ongoing technological progress.

Humanity is adapting to modern realities.

In this regard, fundamental rights remain the highest values in their classical sense, a basic guideline in various issues. But at the same time, manifestations of fundamental rights in everyday life are being transformed, filled with new combinations.

The law and law enforcement system does not have time to adapt to a rapidly changing reality.

The practice goes ahead of theory, which requires coordinated actions of the legal, expert and scientific communities to ensure that the law is ready for ongoing changes.

It should be noted that the prediction of legislation is difficult due to the lack of a specific image of the common human future.

Therefore, the legislator has to experiment, including by trial and error.

To minimize risks, it is important to focus on the fundamental principles proclaimed in the generally recognized norms of international law and dialogue between countries at the forefront of technological and legal changes.

The purpose of the Forum is to create an open platform for discussing modern legal trends through the prism of fundamental rights by international, foreign and domestic experts.

The Forum participants will have a unique opportunity to discuss topical legal issues of our time and exchange views on their optimal solution, taking into account the best international practices.

The Forum is designed to promote the popularization of modern scientific achievements in the field of law in Uzbekistan and the world.

The study of advanced international and foreign experience and scientific research results on the Forum’s sidelines will allow us to consider various ideas for improving legislation and law enforcement practice.

As a result, the organizers of the Forum plan to develop proposals for the consistent improvement of legal policy aimed at strengthening the rule of law in society, as well as ensuring unconditional observance of citizens’ rights and legitimate interests.

In turn, international foreign participants of the Forum will be able to obtain objective information about the ongoing legal reforms in Uzbekistan.

The Forum traditionally serves as a platform for establishing and strengthening international legal cooperation with foreign partners.

Forum participants will be able to participate in interesting events, including discussion sessions, round tables, master classes, and presentations by international and national experts.

Topics of events planned to be held within the framework of the Forum:

– “Constitutional reform – on the way to strengthening fundamental rights”;

– “Toward the rule of law through high-quality rule-making”;

– “Digital technologies in the legal industry”;

– “Legal staff for modern law”;

– “Alternative dispute resolution: from mediation to arbitration”;

– “Modern trends in the development of forensic expertise”;

– “Public Services: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects”;

– “Anti-Corruption Policy”;

– “Intellectual property ecosystem – a tool for shaping the innovative and industrial environment of Uzbekistan”.

Registration of forum participants is currently ongoing.

Web-site of the Forum:

In order to take part in the upcoming Forum, you must register through this website at the following link:

As the experience of previous years shows, the geography of the Forum unites more than 40 countries.