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April 22, 2016



On April 15 of this year Tashkent hosted a seminar on the theme “Improvement of official websites of state bodies and the order of rendering of electronic state services”. The event was organized by the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications.

The seminar was attended by members of the lower house of parliament, representatives of various ministries and departments, journalists, national and regional media. They discussed the issues of creation and regular update of the electronic portals of governance institutions, as well as further improvement of the order of online provision of public services to citizens.

Speaking at the meeting Chairman of the Committee on ICT of Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis I.Abdullayev, First Deputy Minister for Development of Information Technologies and Communications A.Fayzullayev and others stressed the effectiveness of the reforms conducted in our country on this direction which contribute to the consistent strengthening of cooperation between the state and citizens, improving the management.

One of the important tools of wide public awareness about the work of state bodies is their official websites.

According to the information announced at a seminar today 114 organs of state agencies have their electronic portals. 79% of them have mobile versions which create additional convenience for the public. In addition, the websites of ministries and departments possesses the opportunity of subscription which allows automatically receive e-mail news on relevant information about their activities.

During the event it was separately noted the expansion of the range of services in electronic form by state and economic management bodies in places. In this regard, it was emphasized the high efficiency of the Single Interactive State Services Portal (, which has become an important means of operational reception and transmission of individuals and legal entities applications to the relevant structures.

Currently, the portal covers more than a hundred of state and economic management bodies, departments and organizations.

It provides 269 services on healthcare, communications, transportation, labor, social security, taxes and business. Applying person, depending on the content of an application or complaint has the opportunity to send it to the appropriate structure. There is no need for citizens to visit departments, carry paper and spend money. Only in 2015 through it was made more than 450 thousand applications of citizens who promptly received answers to their requests.

During the seminar, presentations were made by representatives of the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications, which brought the attention of the audience on the legal requirements for the structure and content of the official web sites of government agencies. It was announced recommendations to improve the effective use of e-portals of ministries and departments as the mechanism of public awareness about their work. It was accentuated the need for coordinating the efforts of IT-departments of public administration institutions and their press services in order to ensure well-coordinated work of official information resources.

During the interview with Jahon Information Agency a deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, a member of the Committee on Information and Communication Technologies Shukhrat Sharofutdinovnoted that in December 2015 it was adopted the Law “On e-government” which is coming into force on June 10, 2016. In this regard, MP underlined the importance of informing the executors on the main provisions of this legal act, the requirements contained therein in respect of the work of ministries and departments with the citizens, including providing them with public services via the Internet.

– Today’s seminar was one of a series of events conducted throughout the country to familiarize specialists with the innovations in the legislation in ICT field, – said the deputy. – This meeting broadens the knowledge of state and economic management employees in the use of modern technologies in order to ensure the rule of law, openness and transparency of their activities. They were provided with the necessary guidelines and clarifications regarding the implementation of the optimization of process for electronic public services introduction, improvement of the functioning of official web-sites.

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