The Music Forum on the way to consolidate friendship and cultural bonds among peoples

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June 24, 2015

The Music Forum on the way to consolidate friendship and cultural bonds among peoples

Music_ForumThis year, the Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival is going to be held for the tenth time. The forum organized at the initiative of President Islam Karimov serves for the development of arts and culture as well as for the cohesion by means of arts of representatives of diverse nations and ethnic groups, cementing peace and friendship among peoples. The spirit and prestige of the festival inspire its participants and facilitates the promotion of creativity.

UzA reporters have inquired into the opinions of some foreign participants of previous festivals.

Talike Jelle, Madagascar:

“Sharq Taronalari International Music Festival is a colorful and distinct forum of arts. I am infinitely happy to have had an opportunity to take part in it and present my creativity at the festival in 2011 and 2013.

“I made a lot of friends at the event. I exchanged experience with them, got scores of interesting information and discovered new things for myself. I feel very glad that I had a chance during the festival to get representatives of various people familiar with the national arts of Madagascar. The spectators listened and watched our melodies and songs with great delight. It was a great pleasure and honor for me to perform at the prestigious festival, when the melodies of my country aired around the magnificent Registan Square.

“Sharq Taronalari Festival provides with a unique opportunity, which allows for talented musicians fr om diverse nations of the world to get together at one stage, establish dialogue and secure international and interethnic harmony and cohesion. By means of developing mutual cultural and friendship ties among peoples, the festival facilitates the consolidation of peace and stability on our planet.

I have taken part in many other music festivals. I used to present my program at them and return home at once. But it was not the case with Samarkand, because no one wanted to leave the ancient city once the festival was over. At the Afrosiyob Hotel, we – all the participants of the music forum – sang and played melodies till the midnight. I will not forget those beautiful and charming moments. They afforded me strength, inspiration, and I reflected my emotions and impressions in my songs. The festival served as a great impetus for my creative research and for numerous new songs.

“I admired the attention that President Islam Karimov pays to the promotion of the sphere of arts and his care for the creative people. All walks of life have been advancing in Uzbekistan dynamically, including arts and culture. The distinctive art of this people are the melodies and songs bewitching the soul, the exciting dances are suggestive of the high level of Uzbek culture.

“I was deeply touched by the nobleness, generosity, hospitality and sincerity of the Uzbek people. Boundless love for the Motherland and pride for her are reflected in the faces and eyes of your compatriots like in the mirror.

“Uzbekistan is a country with rich culture. The unique historic monuments and architectural complexes are a symbol of immeasurable potential and talent of your great ancestors. I recall very often this wonderful country, the legendary Samarkand, look through the photos made in Uzbekistan over and over again.

I dream of becoming again a participant of the world-renowned international music festival Sharq Taronalari and thus see the splendid Uzbekistan one more time.”

Mahide Lein, chief of the agency Ahoi Аrtists and Еvents, Germany:

“I work as manager of musicians, dancers and artists. In Germany, I specialize in the organization of music festivals.

“It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that the international music festival Sharq Taronalari has become part of my life, the essence of creativity. I take part in it along with artists from different countries. At the festival in 2013 we participated with the youth group Lanaya from North Africa and Brazil. Our ensemble won the first place at the 9th International Music Festival Sharq Taronalari.

“The festival’s distinctive feature is that it provides for an opportunity for a period of week to get familiar with the arts and culture of various countries of the world, to exchange views and experience with hundreds of musicians and specialists of the sphere. The seminars and trainings organized within it facilitate the elevation of professional mastery.

“I have attended festivals like this held in many countries. But I have never seen such a magnificent and inimitable stage like that at the Sharq Taronalari in Samarkand, such hospitality, respect and reverence. Special emphasis is placed on the design of the stage with decorations of the festival, on the use of state-of-the-art lightening devices, which gives a festive spirit and environment. Also, I paid attention to the high aesthetic taste of spectators and aficionados of the Sharq Taronalari Music Festival.

“The Uzbek melodies that embody the beauty and clarity of the human soul, the exciting and electrifying national dances are designated a special place in the world music art. This traditional festival that calls on people to beauty, kindness and humanism, serves the propaganda, popularization and development of the musical heritage of the peoples of the world. Year after year, the number of participants of the festival has been rising, indicating the growth in its eminence and prestige around the globe.

“There are myriads of music directions throughout the world that need to be preserved. Thus we seek to synthesize the national melodies with modern musical trends.

“There few cities like those in Uzbekistan, wh ere the ancient history and modernity are combined harmonically. Everyone is fascinated by the unique architecture of the Registan Square in Samarkand, by inscriptions on madrassa walls, which embody a whole mysterious world”.