The role of Amir Temur in world history is being studied in Spain

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April 6, 2015

The role of Amir Temur in world history is being studied in Spain


The role of Amir Temur in world history is being studied in SpainIn Madrid, Spain held a seminar on topic “The role of Amir Temur in world history” dedicated to the 679th anniversary of Amir Temur.

The event was organized by the Embassy of our country in Spain in collaboration with the Institute for Humanities Research named after Anjel Ayala under University San Pablo. The workshop brought together Spanish historians – researchers, professors, teachers and students of the University of San Pablo.


Participants discussed the contribution of Amir Temur in the historical formation of the Uzbek state, its political, military and diplomatic activities. It was noted that Sakhibkiran left a huge mark on the history of the world not only as a great statesman and military leader, but also as a patron of the arts, culture, literature and architecture.

In his speech, Professor of the University of San Pablo, Antonio Marcos Alonso drew attention to the importance of the role of Amir Temur in maintaining peace and tranquility in medieval Europe.

– After a brilliant victory over Sultan Bayezid II in the Battle of Ankara in 1402 Western countries have seen the image of Amir Temur as a savior of Europe. Hence the great interest in his personality in literature and historiography of the time, – said Spanish scientist.

The event participants were interested in the peculiarities of public administration and diplomacy Amir Temur, historical and cultural heritage of the dynasty of Timurids, and its image in modern Uzbekistan.

– Amir Temur went down in history as a great statesman, diplomat and philanthropist – noted professor in an interview to information agency “Jahon”. – The identity of this illustrious son of the Uzbek people, and to this day continues to be of great interest to historians, especially Spain. I think the reason for that – the story of a diplomatic mission, Ambassador Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo, directed to Samarkand by King of Castile Henry III of Castile and played an important role in the history of the establishment and strengthening of the Spanish-Uzbek relations.

– I am currently working on a doctoral thesis on the study of the historical image of Amir Temur, – shared goals of her research doctorate Matilda Batoret. – I’m sure, it’s great historical figures. In particular, I have a great impression left his legacy as a patron of the arts and architecture. His quote “If you doubt our might, look at our buildings”, after several hundred years, continues to be reflected on the walls of the great architectural structures built in the era of Amir Temur and his descendants.

The seminar also discussed issues related to the current state and prospects of development of bilateral relations between Uzbekistan and Spain in different directions.