The role of scientific research institutes is not felt in pharmaceutical industry

Situation in which activity is progressing slowly, despite opportunities created by the state, and some problems that remain unresolved in the industry were criticized at the meeting held on February 6 under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

In particular, there are no systems for identifying needs in medicines and a database containing specific data on this. Nothing concrete has been implemented on organizing thousands of social pharmacies this year.

9 months have passed since the adoption of the decree on creation of 7 free economic zones, but the corresponding activity has not started in any zone. Their master plans have not been approved, engineering and communication networks have not been built.

The role of scientific research institutes is not felt in the pharmaceutical industry. At present time, on the basis of their development only 1,6 tons of medicinal substances of 16 names are produced using herbal raw materials. In addition, there are not enough personnel in the industry who could effectively work with modern technologies.

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