The summit will serve to further development of cooperation in the region

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March 16, 2018

The summit will serve to further development of cooperation in the region

During the discussion of security issues at the first consultation meeting of the heads of Central Asian states in Astana it was noted that today all countries of the region are facing threats of terrorism, religious extremism, transnational crime and drug trafficking.

The need was noted for comprehensive assistance to Afghanistan in restoring the socio-economic infrastructure, joining of the country to regional economic processes, developing a concrete program of measures in conjunction with foreign countries and international organizations on prevention of youth from falling under the influence of various terrorist and extremist structures.

It was emphasized that it is necessary to continue a well-coordinated and deeply thought out joint activity on resolving issues related to delimitation of state borders.

The participants also focused on the rational use of the region’s water resources.

It was noted that unification of regional and international efforts in order to eliminate the consequences of the ecological catastrophe of the Aral Sea is the main factor of worthy confronting this problem.

Views were also exchanged on expanding cooperation in innovation activity, mutual support in export-import issues between the countries.

The agenda also included the issue of strengthening cultural and humanitarian relations, friendship and good-neighborliness between the countries of the region, which is one of the mandatory conditions for strengthening cooperation in Central Asia. The need was noted for consistent continuation of cultural and humanitarian dialogue, organization of joint cultural days and various cultural events, development of educational and tourism exchanges.

At the meeting with representatives of the mass media, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that the first consultation meeting of the heads of states of Central Asia was fruitful, such summits will serve to further development of cooperation in the region.

The sides agreed to conduct the next consultation meeting on the eve of celebration of Navruz 2019, in Tashkent.