The Times Kuwait to improve the training of lawyers in Uzbekistan

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June 19, 2015

The Times Kuwait to improve the training of lawyers in Uzbekistan


Newspaper The Times Kuwait on its news portal published an article devoted to the international conference in Tashkent on “Improving the system of retraining and vocational training of judicial personnel: international practice and experience of Uzbekistan”.

times_Kuwait1As the newspaper writes, the event was organized by the Judicial Training Center at the Ministry of Justice, the Research Center at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the U.S. Federal Judicial Center and International non-governmental non-profit organization “Regional Dialogue” (Slovenia).

The article emphasizes that during the international conference discussed issues of promotion of excellence in the field, further expansion of international cooperation in the implementation of trial information and communication technologies, as well as organizing training courses online.

The publication cites the opinion of the director of the U.S. Federal Judicial Center Jeremy Fogel about the work carried out in Uzbekistan for further improvement of legal education, a radical improvement in the quality of training and retraining of judicial personnel.