The VII annual “Olympics 2015”

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May 27, 2015

The VII annual “Olympics 2015”

annual_OlympicsThe sports complex “Kizil Suv” hosted VII Annual “Olympics 2015”, according to the press service of “Uzavtosanoat”.

The contest was attended by representatives of companies Genetal Motors Powertrain Uzbekistan, GM Uzbekistan, UzAuto, JV MAN Auto Uzbekistan, Uzavtosanoat Leasing and “Samarkand Automobile Plant”.

The participants competed in 18 different stages on the basis of various sports equipment – balls, bats, skipping ropes and more.

At the end of the tournament was recognized as the best team of General Motors Powertrain Uzbekistan. The second place was won by representatives of “Samarkand automobile plant”, and the third was the team members GM Uzbekistan. In addition to the main prizes in special nominations were awarded the most memorable teams. Medal for the “Speed” were representatives UzAuto, for the “Will to win” – JV MAN Auto Uzbekistan, a medal for “Unity” – Uzavtosanoat Leasing.

It should be noted that the Olympics has become one of the favorite competitions for all employees of the automotive industry of Uzbekistan. These activities develop the best qualities of workers, help to maintain good physical shape, tempered character, positive impact on the daily work. In addition, during the competitions between company employees is increasing the level of trust and mutual understanding.