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December 27, 2016



The Republican Children’s Neurological Hospital named after U.Qurbonov, the only one in Central Asia, marked its 50th anniversary.

The first phrase, which resounded at the conference held on the occasion of the jubilee, was quite reassuring and inspiring. Chief Doctor of the clinic Dilorom Vokhidova stated, “The number of children with cerebral palsy and perinatal pathology of the central nervous system has decreased by 30% during the last ten years in Uzbekistan, which was the result of the development of the screening centers and perinatal centers network that assist women and mothers with complicated pregnancy. At the same time, with the development of medical technologies specialists of the hospitals had acquired greater opportunities to help children in need of their assistance.”

The conference has turned into a kind of master class for specialists of the Republican Psycho-neurological hospital for children’s doctors working in the regions. Dilorom Vokhidova stressed that “it is important so that the doctors are aware not only about the existence of this clinic in the Republic and what modern technologies we apply for the treatment of children, but doctors should also sent children to this clinic as early as possible to ensure the highest possible results: the earlier we start the treatment of children with perinatal pathology of the central nervous system, the lesser is the risk of development of the cerebral paralysis, and the earlier therapy of children with the cerebral palsy diagnosis will enable to stop the progression of the disease and achieve higher results of their social rehabilitation.”

Today the hospital is designed for 250 cots and structurally it consists of 10 departments. There are five children’s playgrounds with various simulators and attractions, a sport ground, race track and two indoor pools on the territory of the hospital. They are all designed to help rehabilitate our patients. But the most important difference between this institution and the centers involved in the treatment of such patients on the territory of Central Asia is a strong medical component. Specialists in foreign countries pay more attention to social adaptation rather than the treatment, specialists explained.

The center’s experts are the trailblazers in the introduction of advanced technologies into medical practices in the treatment of children with such diseases. In particular, it is the first place to use such a drug as a bоtulinum toxin-A: it allows achieving maximum relaxation of muscle, prone to contracture, and stable result.

Many a technology has been applied so far solely at this clinic. Specifically, the surgical treatment of contractures of upper limbs is carried out only at this hospital among all other clinics of the Republic.

Doctors of this medical establishment keep improving the level of their professional qualification; they conduct activities on the introduction into practice the advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment.