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May 1, 2017



Qualified specialists in the field of IT-technologies are in demand in the country. You can involuntarily come to this conclusion by analyzing the answers of the expert in the field of information and communication technologies Laziz Adhamov to the questions of Uzbekistan Today project “Temporarily available”. At the same time, the expert is deeply convinced that everything has its time, and all the issues will certainly be solved.

– Laziz, do you think our IT specialists can compete successfully with the world’s leading developers of software products?

– They can, if they work in the area where there is no competition yet. And it is not existed in solving the problems of the fourth generation industry, that is, in the niche that is still innovative for large IT companies. Here, startups are on par with them. In other cases, they cannot keep up with the flagships of the market, as their products will always exceed what the newcomers can offer.

As for everything else, we can recommend only one thing – to cooperate with developers of well-proven software products. Perhaps they need to be adapted to your tasks a little, but do not create a new one. In any case, a product that exists and is improved five to ten years will be more powerful and better than even the best, in your opinion, brilliant invention. Creating effective software products is not just a one-day-task. And today in Uzbekistan, unfortunately we are only engaged in the introduction of the already created one, and I would like to see the work of our specialists and in the advanced software industry.

– Do not you think that in order to make this qualitative technical breakthrough, the nation needs a new generation of personnel? And where can we get them?

– Absolutely, we should educate a new generation of specialists. In this process, you do not need to be taken up with the information technology. Today, a good IT specialist is a specialist in one or another field. For example, classroom demanded IT solutions for medicine are created by doctors, because they are better than others in the processes of healthcare, for production processes – technology and so on. Therefore, along with the child’s desire to become a high-end IT person, he needs to give a good professional education not only in the field of software development, but also in the one in which he is going to work. Life shows that today a programmer is a borderline specialty which is at the junction of information technology and any sphere.

– Do we have companies or individual consultants on the market who can help to make a long-term plan for IT implementation taking into account the most advanced features? How can you correctly formulate a strategy for introducing IT technologies in an enterprise?

– First of all, you need to consider the goals and objectives that your company sets itself. Then you need to decide which processes are more economical to automate. Each organization has its own tasks. In any case, this will be the starting point for the consultants. And only then, if you want to achieve the highest advances, you need to select consultants-specialists in a particular field of activity, that is, finance, labor organization and so on who know the software market well.

– How soon can we refuse to duplicate electronic documents with paper documents?

– It’s real, and sooner or later it will happen. In Uzbekistan, this process runs quite effectively. Look at the changes that have occurred in the last two or three years. Today, none of the accountants go to the tax offices for reporting, everything is automated. However, there are such areas where we just have to introduce information technology, but the technical revolution will come there too – it’s a matter of time. Today, the government place great significance on the introduction of information and communication technologies and this will help to make our life more comfortable in the near future. Bureaucratic obstacles are removed gradually in all spheres. We widely use the electronic document which is equivalent to the paper one; the digital electronic signature fixed legislatively is also used. However the introduction of technical innovations requires the revision of a huge number of by-law acts, and this process, even slowly, is progressing. Everything will happen step-by-step.