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April 14, 2014

To Join the Efforts of Manufacturers, Academia and Investors

The sector-based industrial fair in culture, education, healthcare and social security is in progress at the Uzexpocenter in Tashkent.

The endeavors underway in our country to shape a modern and competitive economy through an intensive maintenance of structural reforms, modernization, technical and technological revitalization of critical sectors of the economy, acceleration in the development of industrial and social infrastructure, along with comprehensive support for domestic manufacturers facilitate the preservation of steadily high economic growth rates.

In order to further these goals, numerous events are organized every year, especially important among which is the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange. Addressing the challenges associated with the further development of the manufacturing sector of economy, the forum of industrialists allows for the creation of market infrastructure for the formation and expansion of long-term economic ties, for securing a free access of enterprises to essential raw and loan resources as part of intra-sector, inter-sector and international cooperation.

This is reflected in the sector-based industrial fair in culture, education, healthcare and social security currently underway in Tashkent. In excess of 200 enterprises and organizations comprising the structure of the ministries of healthcare, public education, higher and secondary special education, the Academy of Sciences, the Uzfarmsanoat state stock company, the Dori-Darmon stock company and many others.

The abundance the great diversity of goods being displayed at the fair stun the imagination of every visitor. Here one can see how the tasks outlined by the President of the country to support and encourage the small business and private entrepreneurship, enhance the scales of production of consumer goods as well as the export oriented products are being addressed scrupulously.

Particularly appealing is the exposition of enterprises manufacturing sporting equipment and accessories, including gymnastic sticks, parallel bars, sport barriers, gymnastic benches, basketball shields, ping pong tables, goals for indoor soccer and many other produce. The wide range of sporting goods presented here is suggestive again of the emphasis being placed in our country to the promotion of sports for the representatives of the younger generation could grow up healthy and comprehensively advanced individuals. It is particularly pressing this year, announced as the Year of the Healthy Child on the initiative of President Islam Karimov.

An active participant of the industrial forum, the Asia Sports private firm was founded in 1995. For the years it has been present in the market, it has produced 35 titles of sporting accessories and it earned a certificate of compliance for their serial production. According to the representatives of the firm, owing to the participation in the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange, the cooperation has been enhancing with a great variety of organizations and government agencies, in particular the ministries of public education, of culture and sports, as well as a diversity of sports federations.

The goods of domestic furniture manufacturers are also demonstrated at the sector-based industrial fair. These companies offer a wide range of furniture and services for their production. Their products meet the high standards of quality and are capable of satisfying the demands of the most exacting of customers. Notably, the enterprises such as Zabardast Mebel and the Art Mebel Group offer a great range of furniture for office use, for education institutions and household, while the Zafar Trade Ltd. puts forward theatrical armchairs, medical and office furniture.

A considerable part of the exposition of the sector-based industrial fair is occupied by enterprises of the Uzfarmsanoat state stock company and the Dori-Darmon stock company, because the principal objective sought by the policy of our state is the steadfast elevation of the living conditions and quality of life of the population, compliance with major social guarantees, including those directed at securing the accessibility of quality medical aid and medicines.

Uzbekistan’s higher education institutions are regular participants of the sector-based industrial fair. Thus, the Mirzo Ulugbek National University of Uzbekistan has revealed a project to produce modified rice starch, while the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry has displayed knitwear goods with improved hygienic and consumer properties, a technology of manufacturing paper from various types of local cellulose. And the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technologies demonstrates a technology to produce china from argillaceous slates.

It is noteworthy that as part of the current sector-based industrial fair, the participating enterprises have an opportunity to organize the presentation of their products and offer proposals for cooperation. This opportunity has already been cashed in by the enterprises of the Uzfarmsanoat state stock company, the Dori-Darmon stock company, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, representatives of small business and private entrepreneurship.

Within the sector-based industrial fair, the enterprises are to get familiar with the produce being manufactured in this country, to hold talks and reach deals for their supply as well as intention agreements for the production of new types of industrial goods.