To Study the Splendid Legacy of Our Great Ancestors

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April 17, 2014

To Study the Splendid Legacy of Our Great Ancestors

international_conferenceOn May 15-16, 2014, Samarkand is due to host an international academic conference to enquire into the historic legacy of scientists and thinkers of the medieval East and its role and significance in the contemporary civilization.

The conference is to be held in accordance with the 1 April 2014 resolution of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Scholars from almost fifty nations of the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Italy, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Indonesia and Egypt, along with heads and representatives of prominent international organizations, specialists of research centers and institutions as well as experts are among expected participants of the forthcoming forum.

Infinite throughout the world is the respect and reverence towards the unfading genius of our great forefathers, so is the interest in the study of their rich scientific heritage. Scholarly and artistic works have been created abroad narrating the life and activities of our ancestors and monuments been erected in tribute to them.

During the independence development years, the interest in inquiring into this colossal spiritual heritage has grown to a considerable extent. International scientific and cultural cooperation has been launched in Uzbekistan. Major academic conferences are held to further these goals. Jubilees of our outstanding scholars and thinkers as well as ancient cities have been celebrated at the international scale. Under the leadership of the head of our state, shrines glorifying our remarkable forefathers are being restored and beautified. Special emphasis is being placed on the reinvigoration and perpetuation of the national spiritual legacy and the promotion of science and education.

The international academic conference due in Samarkand constitutes a bright indication of the ever mounting high attention, respect and interest in the scientific heritage of the magnificent ancestors.

Located at the crossroads of diverse civilizations on the Great Silk Road that links the East and West, our country has been renowned from time immemorial for its great scientists and thinkers. They have made invaluable input into the evolution of the world civilization.

Themselves a fruit of the thoughts and boundless genius of our marvelous ancestors, the many thousands of works, the unique manuscripts in history, literature, arts, ethics, philosophy, medicine, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, architecture and other areas constitute a priceless spiritual wealth of our people. As the President of the country Islam Karimov once noted, there are few peoples in the world who wield such a rich heritage.

We by right take pride in our remarkable thinkers and scholars – who ravished the whole world – such as Muhammad Musa al-Khorezmi who was the first in the world to introduce decimal notation into science and the notions of algorithm and algebra, the encyclopedic scientists Ahmad al-Ferghani and Abu Rayhan Beruni, founder of the medical science Abu Ali ibn Sino, Mahmud Zamakhshari who created the perfect grammar of the Arabic language, the author of the astronomical table with the indication of movement of more than a thousand stars Mirzo Ulughbek and so forth. Infinite pride for our forefathers inspires us to live with a sense of high dignity and to be on the equal with others in terms of knowledge and abilities to be worthy descendants of these truly great people.

The international academic conference to address the historic legacy of scientists and thinkers of the medieval East and its role and significance in the contemporary civilization is being held in the city of Samarkand and this not accidental. Because a symbol of the magic East, Samarkand is one of the ancient cradles of the world civilization, a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage that housed hundreds of scholars and thinkers. The architectural and cultural monuments are suggestive of the genius of our ancestors, of the deep and great past. With its inimitable and picturesque nature, ancient and modern buildings and facilities, Samarkand charms to the end.

The forum participants are anticipated to discuss and exchange views and expertise on issues concerning the scientific, historical and philosophical heritage of the academics and thinkers of the medieval East, their immense contribution to the formation and development of astronomy, mathematics, geography, geodesy, medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, mineralogy and other sciences.

The conference is to include also a show of films narrating the life and creativity of scholars and thinkers of the medieval Orient, their historical legacy and the activities of academic schools. The event participants are to get familiar with historical, academic and cultural monuments of Samarkand, the creative and beautification works carried out during the independence years, as well as the activities of education institutions.

The website of this international conference is launched at