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March 22, 2017



On March 10-11, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has visited the Bukhara region for acquaintance with the ongoing socio-economic reforms and dialogue with the people.

On the first day of the trip, the head of our state got acquainted with the reforms being realized in order to boost the economic potential and secure the employment for the region’s population. Special attention was placed on the projects in the fields of agriculture, light industry, energy, transport and communications, healthcare and tourism.

A meeting devoted to the issues of social and economic advancement of the region, further leveling up the welfare of the population was conducted in the atmosphere of critical analysis. The events covered the goals and objectives of the Strategy for Actions for the development of Uzbekistan along the five priority areas in 2017-2021 and the State Program “Year of dialogue with the people and human interests”.

On the second day of the trip, the President of our country visited to the Bukhara branch of the Republican Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Care and familiarized himself with construction and repair works. The center was created in 1998 on the basis of the Bukhara city hospital and is designed for 255 beds.

It is planned to renovate the center in accordance with world standards, equipping the departments with modern medical technologies, equipment, build a new waiting room, establish a resuscitation department, a computer tomography room and an operating room. The branch will be provided with new ambulances.

In the satisfaction of the needs of the population, it is significant to further better the quality and effectiveness of medical services, said the head of our state. The system of emergency medical care must be raised to the level of world standards, its effective work is a demand of the population and today.

The President was introduced with the ongoing construction and repair work in the Bukhara branch of the Republican Specialized Center of Urology. In this institution, there will be offices for endourological operations, remote lithotripsy, ultrasound and x-ray, an urodynamic laboratory was built, modern medical equipment were installed.

It is projected to emerge a new educational building and clinic of the Bukhara State Medical Institute. The training of highly qualified medical personnel directly depends on the activities of institutions of higher education, the availability of modern facilities with the material and technical base meeting world standards. It is from this point of view that the construction of a new academic building of the Bukhara State Medical Institute for 900 beds, the building of the clinic for 200 beds, is being carried out.

Instructions were given on the use of world experience in the training of qualified specialists in the sphere, establishing close ties with the leading foreign universities, further propping up the medical culture of the population.

The President of our country saw the project of construction and repair works carried out in the Vobkent District Medical Association. In 2014 a multidisciplinary central polyclinic designed for 250 visits was built here. In 2015, the building of emergency medical aid and surgery departments were erected, each of which was intended for 30 beds. In 2016, the capital repairs of the maternity hospital, children’s and infectious diseases departments were completed.

This year, it is expected the continuation of this work – major overhaul of the departments of therapy, sterilization, blood transfusion, laboratories, construction of a pharmacy and other buildings. This will help to enhance the provision of medical care to patients, raise the level of medical culture.

The head of our state instructed to take into account the requirements of the population when optimizing the work of rural medical stations, to effectively use medical equipment, to attract highly qualified personnel, and to conduct preventive and effective treatment of diseases.

The President was provided with the information on the projects of creative work planned to realize in Bukhara.

One of the central streets of the city has been named after the First President Islam Karimov. There was elaborated a project on changing its appearance and the construction of modern buildings. In accordance with this, the Square of Memory, the Palace of Arts, houses and other objects are planned to be erected on this street. A universal sports complex will be built at the intersection of Islam Karimov and Ibn Sino. The President of our country got acquainted with the project of this complex.

In the complex intended to be commissioned in 2018, opportunities will be created for conducting republican and international competitions in 15 sports. It provides a hall for 4 thousand spectators, three training halls, four tennis courts, a swimming pool. The complex will become an exemplary center for training athletes, improving the skills of trainers, testing sports methods. In addition, it is provided creating conditions for festive events, concerts and forums.

In Bukhara, such sports as boxing, kurash obtained an advancement. This complex should serve the training of talented athletes of the region and other sports that can adequately defend and glorify the Motherland on international arenas, Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted. It is necessary to build summer and winter sports grounds, to draw up an inventory of the sports facilities of the region, check their specialization in a particular sport. It is essential to bolster the massiveness of physical education, to train coaches.

50 multi-storey residential houses will appear on Bukhara streets of Gijduvan, Bakhovuddin Naqshband, Ibn Sino, Navoi. They will be erected in 2017-2018 and provide the population with affordable and modern housing, increase its standard of living. In the current year, six seven-storey modern dwelling houses will be commissioned.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev highlighted the need to create all social and living conditions in the new houses, to take into account the requirements of modern and national architecture, climatic conditions during the construction.

There was also discussed a plan for the forthcoming measures to secure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians in Bukhara. According to the project, it is planned to renovate the ring roads in the city. Recommendations were given on the quality construction of roads, consideration of the need for free movement of vehicles.

A presentation of the project on improving the system of sorting and processing of domestic wastes was also carried out. It will serve to protect the environment and public health, further better the sanitary condition of the territory and create new jobs. The project with the total cost $ 4.7 million is realized by the LLC “Akholitrans”. At present, the modern machinery was imported from China and a line for waste sorting was installed at the expenses of the loan of the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity worth $ 970 thousand. It is planned to purchase six more lines.

The President of the country stressed that the recycling of domestic waste is significant in preventing environmental problems and achieving efficiency in the accomplishment of territories.

In Bukhara there are many historical monuments and sights. Thanks to their renewal and restoration taking into account modern requirements, the creation of conditions for tourists in the region, the tourism sphere is consistently developing.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev familiarized himself with the project of construction at the artisans area of the city’s historical part consisting of two-story houses that gathered traditional artisan workshops. He drew attention to the need for broadening the street, the construction of two-story buildings.

In 1997, in connection with the celebration of the 2500th anniversary of the city of Bukhara, a complete reconstruction was carried out in the complex of Poyi Kalon. This architectural ensemble consisting of Masjidi Kalon, Minorai Kalon and Madrassah Mir Arab, turned into one of the favorite places of visits for the residents and guests of the region.

To create even greater conveniences for our compatriots and foreign tourists, the head of our state made recommendations on the erection of modern craftsmen’s trade lines in the national style on the place of former craftsmen’s shops, creating opportunities for evening walks of residents and visitors of the city, organizing presentations about the traditions of national craftsmanship and entertainment programs. Orders were given to the responsible persons for the further reconstruction of the Masjidi Kalon and the Mir Arab Madrassah.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev also visited the public reception of the President of Uzbekistan in the Bukhara region.