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April 13, 2017



Within the service of dermatology and venereology the network of dispensaries began to be optimized – they will be less. To understand the reasons for this, the correspondent of Uzbekistan Today appealed to the Republican specialized scientific and practical medical center of dermatology and venereology. It turned out that the improvement of the epidemiological situation and modern methods of treatment do not require such a number of specialized medical institutions.

– Indeed, the dermatovenereology service has always had a ramified network of dermatological and venereological dispensaries covering practically all large areas of the country. Many of them had beds for in-patient treatment, Ulugbek Sabirov, Director of the Republican Center said. However, often these beds were idle, as recently not everyone can afford a long stay in the hospital, in isolation from the family, work and home. In addition, progress of medical science, advancement and implementation of modern methods of treatment, availability of highly effective drugs have allowed to gradually move from a costly inpatient treatment method to a more affordable and economically advantageous outpatient. All this helped to optimize the provision of specialized care, concentrating it in the regional multi-disciplinary polyclinics and regional dermatovenerologic dispensaries, which are available in every regional center of the republic.

Large medical institutions have the necessary laboratory units, modern instrumental methods of examination, which allows fulfilling the requirements of the “Standards of Diagnosis and Treatment”, to deliver or confirm the diagnosis with maximum objectivity and, accordingly, to choose the most optimal treatment regimen.

– I want to emphasize that the reformation of this system is due primarily to the reduction in the number of diseases observed in recent years. But it is very important that it provides for its qualitative improvement, rational use and distribution of public funds and, in general, raising the standard of living of the population, Ulubbek Sabirov concluded.