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June 28, 2017



Diplomatic mission of our country in Kiev assisted in saving Lazizbek Sharifov’s life, a one-year-old child from the Khorezm region.

The procedure for organizing and conducting a complex surgical operation began after an oral appeal of the child’s parents Doniyor Ollabergenov and Rukhsora Matkarimova addressed to the embassy. The Uzbek representative office assisted the compatriots in addressing the challenge.

After a preliminary study of the medical reports and consultations with the director of the Center for pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, Ilya Yemets, it became clear that due to the neglect situation and late detection of heart disease little Lazizbek remained short-lived. Then, a risky decision was made without hesitation. The child has been taken to Kiev for a complex operation.

However, the boy’s parents could not afford to pay for the expensive surgical operation. Realizing the difficult situation faced by parents, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Ukraine had organized a charity campaign to cook pilaf and handed about 40 thousand hryvnia (1,600 US dollars) collected for two days to a medical institution for partial expense coverage.

The Center’s management did not require from the child’s parents other means.

According to I.Yemets, a small patient from Uzbekistan admitted in serious condition with high pulmonary hypertension. He was denied help in many leading cardiac clinics abroad.

– Unfortunately, the child very late diagnosed with the terrible disease – the only right ventricle, left ventricular hypoplasia, the transposition of the great arteries, the interventricular septum defect. Such children need to perform surgical operation before the age of 3 months. However the patient came to the Center when he was already one year old. The chances of recovery were negligible.

A cardiac surgeon Yaroslav Ivanov had a complicated surgical operation on June 16, and on the fifth day a small patient was transferred to the cardiology department. His life is not in danger now.

Lazizbek will have to be conducted a few more operations in the future, which will significantly improve his life’s quality and duration, but most importantly – the child has a chance. It is not a single case of successful cooperation between the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Ukraine and the Center for Children’s cardiology and cardio surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. More than 20 surgical operations and 100 consultations have been conducted for children from our country in recent years.