The Tashkent University of Information Technologies (TUIT) and its five regional branches are among the most prestigious institutions in the country. The Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on measures to further enhance the activities of this university is to help to ramp up its prestige in the world market of educational services and improve the quality for the preparation of specialists.

According to the Resolution, the Tashkent University of Information Technologies has been named after Muhammad al-Khorazmiy, and from the academic year 2017/2018 it is planned to carry out activities related to the study of the priceless legacy of our great ancestor.

It is quite symbolic that modern achievements in mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, geography, information and communication technologies confirm the inviolability of the solid scientific basis founded by Muhammad al-Khorazmiy.

To provide reliable links between science, production and education in the field of information and communication technologies, the leading sectors of the economy, the special significance is placed on the organization and conduct of traditional scientific and practical conferences of the republican and international levels, the establishment of a scholarship named after Muhammad al-Khorazmiy for gifted university students. Well-known scientific figures will be actively involved in holding these events.

Electronic resources of the university will also advance. In them there will be installed the tasks of competitions and Olympiads conducted among students, in particular, on the creation of software products, the development of modern educational literature in such areas as mathematical modeling, algorithmization, cryptology, computer and software engineering, telecommunications, television technologies and information security, the creation of multimedia versions of educational literature for free use by students, scientists and teachers.

The Center for the Development of Software Products and Hardware and Software Complexes at the University will be transformed into the Scientific and Innovation Center of Information and Communication Technologies at TUIT.

The main task of the Scientific and Innovation Center of Information and Communication Technologies was the elaboration of high-quality domestic software products that are competitive on the domestic and foreign markets, taking into account the real needs of the leading fields and sectors of the economy of the country with the involvement of students of the Al-Khorazmiy Tashkent University of Information Technologies.

In accordance with the Resolution, the Center provides for a systematic and scientific analysis for the automation of business processes and other areas, management, production based on the requests of the leading networks of the economy sectors of the republic, as well as the creation of mechanisms for the implementation and development of their models and algorithms.

One of the essential aspects of the adopted resolution is the organization of the Foundation for Scientific and Innovation Development at the University. It will provide covering the cost of creating and publishing textbooks and scientific literature for TUIT, including the acquisition of foreign literature, as well as scholarships for Muhammad al-Khorazmiy for talented students and financial support for the publication of the scientific journal “Muhammad al-Khorazmiy Avlodlari”. On the expenses of the fund there will be financed the research and development works of the university and the Center in the field of information and communication technologies development, provision of their scientific and training laboratories with modern equipment, necessary consumables and accessories on a competitive basis.

The Foundation will also prepare, retrain and upgrade the skills of gifted students, faculty and young researchers in leading foreign higher educational institutions and research centers. The attraction of highly qualified specialists and scientists for teaching at the university and conducting scientific researches at the Center will level up to the priority.

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