Uzbek Development Strategy Center Joins Top 50 World Best New Think Tanks

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March 5, 2018

Uzbek Development Strategy Center Joins Top 50 World Best New Think Tanks

According to the results of 2017, Development Strategy Center of Uzbekistan has been included in the annual Global Go To Think Tank Index Report ranking.
The 2017 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report was published on January 31, 2018. It is the most authoritative global rating of think tanks. This report is being prepared in the framework of the Analytical Centers and Civil Societies Program of the University of Pennsylvania, USA in order to study the role of think tanks in governments and civil societies, and to increase their capacity and effectiveness around the world.
The rating analyzed the activity of 7,815 think tanks for the last year. The rating presents various nominations, which, in turn, are grouped into four main groups. The rating is based on the results of a survey of more than 62 thousand authoritative experts, journalists, politicians and experts in the field of economic and political studies entered in the TACTSP Global Think Tank Database.
Following the rating, Development Strategy Center of Uzbekistan entered the top 50 in the nomination ‘Best New Think Tank 2017’, along with such influential institutions as the National Foundation for American Policy (USA), One Belt One Road Center (China) and Knowledge Platform for Integration and Society (Netherlands). In this nomination, the think tanks created over the last 24 months were considered.
As a rule, this list includes the think tanks, whose activities are based on the development of specific proposals for the successful implementation of reforms that allow society to make concomitant changes in the socio-economic life of the country, as well as its active access to the world arena.
Worth to note, the Development Strategy Center (DSC) operates in several areas. First of all, DSC is engaged in covering the implementation of the actions of the Strategy of Actions among the general public. It also promotes an open dialogue between the state and the population, by holding various forums, conferences, public discussions and sociological surveys.
In addition, in order to assist in the implementation of the reforms specified in the State Program, DSC is actively cooperating with international and foreign organizations, research, information-analytical and educational institutions.
The DSC specialists regularly provide expert opinions on bills, prepare analytical reports within the framework of the Action Strategy, and also submit proposals for drafting State programs by studying the opinion of the population and best practices of foreign countries.
General information: The annual rating of the world’s research and analytical centers ‘Global Go To Think Tank Index Report’ has been published since 2008 within the framework of the Expert Analytical Centers and Civil Societies Program.This rating promotes the creation of regional and global networks of political institutions and communities that will improve the effectiveness of political efforts in various areas of public life, and also serves to strengthen democratic institutions and civil society around the world.
In recent years, such leading institutions of the world as the European Political Strategy Center, the Institute for Political Studies (USA), the Alibaba Think Tank (China), the European Center for International Affairs, the Center for American Progress have been recognized as the best think tanks in the nomination ‘Best New Think Tank of the Year.’